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EasyJet 1 Hour Delay Compensation Guide & Benefits

An Overview On The 1 Hour Delay Compensation On EasyJet

EasyJet is quite popular for providing the best compensations on its delayed and cancelled flight. If you were supposed to travel on EasyJet itinerary but could do it as your flight got delayed just by 1 hour then here’s what all you need to know about claiming your compensation.

As per the EasyJet 1 hour delay compensation guidelines, if your flight has covered a short distance less than 1500 km or by 1 hour then you are entitled to get a compensation of up to €250. In addition, you may also get free drinks, free food and 2 telephone calls, emails or faxes facilities. Moreover, you may also get accommodated on another flight, if available or you can claim for your compensation online. Here’s how.

Claim 1 Hours Delayed Flight Compensation On EasyJet: Useful Steps

Here, you’ll need to fill up a compensation claim form to get your EasyJet 1 hour delay compensation on the official website.

  • Navigate to the official website of EasyJet and then follow the onscreen prompts to find the compensation claim form

  • Now enter the following details for your delayed/cancelled flight

    • Booking Reference

    • Flight Number

    • Date of Flight

    • Departure Airport

    • Arrival Airport

  • Next, enter the following details of the Claimant

    • Claimant First Name & last Name

    • Country:

    • E-mail:

    • Mobile Phone Number (& Country Code):

    • Booker:

  • Fill the payment details such as follows

    • Country where Bank Account is held

    • Bank Account Holder Full Name

    • Sort Code

    • Bank Account Number

  • Next, enter the passenger’s details and then the other confirmations

  • Hit the Continue button and follow the onscreen instructions to submit the compensation claim form

For more information on EasyJet 1 hour delay compensation, contact customer services and talk to the representatives.

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