What Happens If You Check in but Miss Your Flight? (Guide)

No matter if you are an occasional flyer or a frequent one, missing out on your flight can be really frustrating. Whether you have missed your flight due to your fault or the airline’s, go through this trip-plan-halting situation is quite scary, especially when it comes to the ticket purchase amount. Also, it depends on how fast you act to get things right with all the options you have got.

Moreover, there are scenarios where you have already checked into your flight, yet you missed it. This can happen due to various reasons including both voluntary and involuntary. Therefore, read further to know more about missed flights after check-in.

Important Points To Know About Missed Flights After Check-In

  • If you have made web check-in or through the airport check-in desk yet missed your flight due to any inconvenience on your end, you’ll need to contact the airline’s helpdesk. Besides, many airlines do not offer any refund for the same and may also void your ticket purchase amount.

  • In case if you have missed a flight after check-in due to any inconvenience on the airline’s end such as technical fault, natural issues (bad weather), political issues, etc. then you’ll be compensated with refund, travel voucher or be rebooked on another flight i.e. departing on the same day to the same destination through similar routes.

  • In addition, some airlines also rebook you on another flight for an additional fee. However, the fee will depend upon the original ticket price. Hence, it suggested to opt for purchasing the discounted fare that might be even costlier than the original ticket price, but it’ll still be cheaper than the last-minute fare.

  • If you have already made check-in onto your flight through the web check-in portal but still missed your flight because you couldn’t reach the airport in time, then the airline might classify as a “No-Show”. In such events, you’ll not be eligible for refunds or partial flight ticket credit. Also, if you have booked a round trip, the return flight may be canceled.

  • If you are flying on US airlines, you might also take advantage of the “Flat Tyre” policy. This can help you if you show up at the airport right after you have made check-in to your flight. You can contact the airline’s helpdesk and tell the agents that you have missed your flight due to reasonable reasons. Hence, the airline might rebook on another flight.

  • Moreover, it is suggested that you should contact your airline’s customer services for more info on what to do about missed flights after check-in. The professionals will surely let you know about everything that can resolve your last-minute inconveniences.   

What to do if you miss your flight? 

It can be a great disappointment to miss your flight. There are varied repercussions of not arriving before the listed departure time for your flight. If you are one of those who have recently missed their flight, then you have come to the right place. 

Wondering what happens when you miss your flight? The most common possibilities are mentioned under: 

  • Speak with an agent to get possible fixes. 
  • Same-day change booking for your missed flight. 
  • Free rebooking is offered by the airline in case of a missed connection. 
  • Book a new seat with the airline. 

Let us have a detailed look at the above-mentioned common possibilities. 

Same-day change booking for your missed flight: 

If you have been late for your flight, you must book the same-day change. Every airline had its policies, and they abided by them. Also, travelers must pay extra for rebooking with some airlines, such as Alaska Airlines offering same-day change for 50 USD. On the other hand, American and United Airlines offer the same-day change for 75 USD. 

Book a new seat with an airline:

Travellers need to make new reservations, and if you are lucky, you can get free rebooking, but this may require some extra elbow grease. You need to patiently talk to an expert from the customer service team to get things settled for you. 

Travel insurance plays a vital role in this case. You will be covered if you have purchased travel insurance along with your flight ticket. 

Speak with your travel agent: 

If you have made reservations for your flight with an agent, you must consult your agent for proper resolution. Call your agent right away to get the possible fixes for your missed flight. 

You could also connect with the airline directly in case you are not at the airport. In such situations, airlines can rebook passengers on other flights. 

Also, make sure that you arrive within 2 hours or sooner if your flight departure time. This will save you extra dollars you will otherwise have to pay if you are late for your flight departure. Most of the airlines work by a 'flat tire rule.' 

  • American Airlines offer passengers a 'late arrival standby' policy, and they are rebooked on the next flight. 
  • Delta Airlines considers the case of passengers and provides solutions depending on the case and reason for not being present for your flight. 
  • United Airlines will often rebook you on another flight if you reach within 30 minutes of your previous flight's departure time. 
  • In the case of Southwest Airlines, passengers are advised to Get in touch with Southwest customer service to get the best possible solution.

Free rebooking: 

Rebooking is offered for free to passengers who missed their flight connection. Travelers should connect with the second airline in case they have lost their connecting flight. However, there are situations where you will not get a free rebooking for your flight if you are delayed because of your fault. 

Is there a fee for missing a flight? 

Usually, the airline charges a sum of money when a passenger is late for a flight. Travelers have to pay an additional 200 USD and the fare difference upon rebooking. 

Sometimes, bad weather can also cause you to leave your connecting flight. In this case, you will get on another flight free of cost. Hence, there is no additional charge. 

Can I get my money back if I miss a flight? 

The airline will not refund travellers who missed their flight because of their fault or delay. 

Refunds will be generated for flights delayed and cancelled by the airline. But no refunds are offered in case of delays from the passengers' side. Check the airline policies or confirm with the customer relationship executive at an airline. 

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