How Do I Change my Flight Ticket without Paying a Fee?

If you want to change a flight without paying a fee, you need to change it within 24 hours of booking or book your ticket under the airline's flexible change policy to avoid the change charges. Hacks you can give a shot to try if you are wondering how to change flights without paying a fee. The hacks are as follows: 
  • Make changes within 24 hours of the booking: One of the most effective ways to avoid flight change expenses is by making changes to the reservations within 24 hrs after acquiring the flight ticket. One can Confirm something very similar by contacting the airline. 

  • Buy add-on or adaptable charge: Travelers who have bought adjustable passage or additional items can try not to pay the flight change expenses. 

  • Choose the equivalent day flight change: One can select the flight for that day yet leave at an alternate time. Using this trick, the traveler can confirm their excursion at a much lower charge.

  • Utilization of the Elite status: Besides, the travelers who have signed up for the dedication program can use their Elite group to avoid the change fee. 

  • Connect with the airlines: Besides, travelers can request the airlines to give the flight change services if the circumstance is unavoidable.  

How much is the fee to change a flight?

The difference amount will apply if you have changed the flight within 24 hours of booking. If a customer wants to change the flight after 24 hours or on the same day, then extra charges will be applicable, excluding the difference amount. For Further Check out the table for the change fee of some popular airlines.
Airlines Charges & Fees
American Airlines
  • Domestic Flight: $0
  • International Flight: $0
  • Same Day Flight: $75-$150
United Airlines
  • Domestic Flight: $0
  • International Flight: $0
  • Same-Day Flight: $0
Delta Airlines
  • Domestic Flight: $0
  • Internation Flight: $0
  • Same Day Change: $75
Spirit Airlines Domestic and international or Same day $0-$99
British Airways Domestic and international or Same day: NA
Hawaiian Airlines $0 for (domestic, International, and Same Day
  • Domestic Flight: $0-$100
  • International Flight: $0-$200
  • Same Day Change: $75
Allegiant Air Change Fee: $75
Qatar Airways
  • Domestic Flights: $0
  • International Flights: $100
  • Same Day Change: $50

 Ways to change a flight:

If a customer wants to change flights for free, it must be done within 24 hours of reservation. You can proceed to reschedule the ticket online.
  • Firstly proceed to the Airline website and tap on manage my trip.
  • They will ask for the booked itinerary details; you must fill in the information and click submit it.
  • The screen will display the choice of request for change tap on it.
  • Kindly make the updated changes and submit them.
  • You will receive the confirmation over the accurate email address.
Passengers facing online hassle can opt for offline procedures to apply for rescheduling requests. You must call the customer service team and provide the booking details to the help desk assistant, who will guide you to make the required updated changes in the itinerary. Once you submit the request with changes, the Airline will send the confirmation code to the valid email address within 2-3 hours.
Most Asked FAQs

Which airlines currently have no change fees?

Numerous airlines today charge no change fee from travelers, and a few are as follows: Southwest Airlines,
  • United Airlines,
  • American Airlines 
  • Delta airlines

Can you change a non-refundable flight? 

You can change the ticket and have one year from the ticket's unique issue date to change. The travelers won't lose the worth of the access. Getting the refund should have an exemption: The demise of the traveler, close relative, etc.

What amount does it cost to change your flight?

Travelers can change their flights depending on the flight fare. An expense from USD 75 to 500 changes depending on the fare type. 

What if I change my flight to a cheaper one?

Call the airline whenever you've settled on another flight to get your plan changed. If the change is sufficiently massive and there could be no different flights that work with your schedule, you can request a refund. 

Can I be able to change my flight within 24 hours?

Indeed. If you desire to change your ticket at no expense, it should fall inside the guidelines of the equivalent day confirmation policy; the new flight should withdraw somewhere around 24 hours of your unique book. 
Thus, we hope your query "how to change flight without paying a fee" will be resolved using the above details. Contact the customer service team if you need further information about travel-related questions. 

Can I reschedule my flight for free? 

  • Yes, you can reschedule your flight without a fee. Still, you need to pay a fare difference if applicable or many airlines have flexible change policy so passengers can change the date, time, and location prior to their departure free of cost.
  • Passengers can reschedule their flight reservations online or offline. They can visit the official website to make the desired changes to their flight reservations.  You can also speak with someone from the airline's customer support department to get help rescheduling your flight. Dial the customer service helpline number and connect with someone at the airline to proceed with rescheduling your flight booking. 
  • Travelers can reschedule their flight for free by making the desired changes to their reservations within 24 hours from the initial reservation. After this, the airline charges a change fee, and travelers must pay the change fee to reschedule their flight reservations. 

Can I change my departure airport? 

Travelers can reserve an ‘open jaw flight’ to remain flexible with changing airports for departure or arrivals. 
Airlines allow passengers to change the airport according to their liking depending on the fare category. Such changes can be made online via the manage my booking option. 
Passengers can get instant results and effective assistance from customer support personnel regarding their flight reservations. Make the desired changes after consulting with an expert working at the airline. 

How many times can you change a flight for free?

Travelers can change the booked flight multiple times, either domestically or internationally. Still, customers must pay the difference amount every time if the current flight charges a higher price than the previous trip.

How much is the fee to change a flight?

The difference amount will apply if you have changed the flight within 24 hours of booking. If a customer wants to change the flight after 24 hours or on the same day, then extra charges will be applicable, excluding the difference amount. For Further Check out the table for change fees of some popular airlines

What is a non-changeable flight?

If a customer holds a non-changeable flight, your flight ticket is not eligible to change it. People should prefer changeable flight tickets as it offers the flexibility to change the date, time, or location before the departure of the Scheduled Flight. Passengers who want to change the non-changeable flight can change it, but the charges will be applicable depending on the choice of destination or fare type.

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