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Read on For the WestJet Seat Selection and its FAQs on Westjet Airlines

If you have reserved your flight ticket on Westjet and in advance, you can check the seat selection and reservation if you have not booked your seat yet. You can seat selection at any time up to 24 hours of your flight with the help of manage booking. It is simple to Westjet seat selection process but if having some trouble, get the basic advice to select as well as reserve the seats soon. 

Get the Important things to Select the Seat on Westjet Airlines:

For Basic:

It is the standard process that has an emergency exit to select the seat in advance and for that, you might be charged higher.

For Econo:

It has the same service as basic has but in this, you can select a seat in advance at no cost.

For EconoFlex:

It is a package of the standard seat selection and offers preferred seat with an emergency exit seat at no cost.

Family Seating Info:

You can reserve your seat when you book your flight online to sit together as a family and for that, you need to enter the date of birth of all guests.

Hence, if you want to select a seat for the Westjet seat booking, you need to understand some basic things based on your fare as mentioned above. However, still, you want to clear your doubts, while contacting our executives to find the answer to your all questions asking to him below.

Get FAQs as Follows:

Question: Can I have to pay for seat selection?

Answer: Your seat is dependent on the type of booking and it might be a fee charged for each flight segment on connecting flights.

Question: How to select a seat on Westjet?

Answer: If you are looking for the seat selection and reservation, you need to read the policy through which help, you can select your seat under the Basic, Econo, Econoflex.

Question: Is it possible to change or add a seat on an existing reservation?

Answer: When you have existing Westjet reservations, you can simply change and add a seat by going to Manage Trip and enter the reservation.

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