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WestJet Airways encourages you to upgrade your business class and allows you to choose the baggage allowance for at least two checked bags. It could be overweight, and an oversized bag fee could be applied. Get extra legroom if you sit in premium class on a flight. Knowing what is included in your upgrade for business and premium cabin would be essential.

What is included in your Business Cabin upgrade?

You may get extraordinary services in the business after upgrading your Business class decently.
  • Get at least two checked bags.
  • Enjoy security, priority check-in, boarding, and baggage.
  • You can refresh your water bottle during boarding.
  • Get the launch access before upgrading the flight at the airport.
  • Check with the Canadian style of dining.
  • Get complete comfort with fully extendable privacy screens.

Avail of 787 Dreamliner flights to and from Europe:

  • Acquire a welcome beverage after arriving on board.
  • Get the lie-flat seats with luxurious blankets and pillows.
  • Expect to get dining service with an exclusive selection. You can check the delicious meal on the restaurant-style menu.
  • WestJet offers you a comfort and amenity kit, including skin care products.  

What is included in your premium Cabin upgrade?

  • Gain services for priority check-in and get a boarding pass.
  • Feel more seat comfort using extra comfortable leg and elbow room.
  • When choosing the 737 aircraft, get the seat at the front.
  • When you select the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, check with the exclusive cabin.
  • Enjoy snacks, meals, breakfast, and beverages suitably.
Avail of 787 Dreamliner flights to and from Europe:
  • You can expect the welcome beverage on your arrival.
  • Enjoy snacks in the social area.
  • Get the inspired menu globally and in Canadian.

How to Upgrade Classes on WestJet?

When you think about the WestJet business class upgrade work, you can consider checking the services to analyze.
Here's how it works:
  • First, ensure you are on the booking page, enter the passenger's reservation number and last name, and place an offer.
  • Check out the flight segment for your offer and scrutinize the slider amount you are willing to pay, including taxes and fees.
  • You may enter your contact and payment details in the fields you can give using a credit card to accept the offer.
  • Review and submit your details while modifying or canceling your offer if you have not accepted it until 75 hours before your flight.  
  • You can also expect to get a mail within 72 hours before your flight that inform you to accept the offer significantly.

WestJet Class upgrade Rules

If you wish to upgrade your WestJet Class, you can securely check with the fare rule provided by the customer representative team.
Fare rules:
  • You can check with the basic fare that is not eligible to purchase an upgrade.
  • You can't change your original fare rule; don't change it with an upgraded flight.
  • Such kind of rule is included with flight change and cancellation.
  • You have to pay the upgrade fees paid that you count towards your qualifying spend might get as a reward.
  • If you wish to get more information about the WestJet business class upgrade, connect with a WestJet live person free to lead your way significantly.

How to upgrade class with Westjet Rewards?

Westjet is well-known for providing passengers with the best help and assistance from the time of reservation til the time they reach their destination. The airline also has an option of auto-upgrade in which they can make the Westjet class upgrade using Westjett Reward points. 
Multiple ways to proceed for an upgrade with Westjet rewards 
Passengers with platinum, gold, and silver membership can upgrade in multiple ways with greater benefits. 
Place an offer to Upgrade
The travelers can make an offer to upgrade their flight ticket up to 75 hours before their flight ticket under the Westjet rewards membership program to purchase an upgrade. Offers from platinum, gold, and silver will be considered for all Westjet Guests' membership. However, the consideration for the offer may include the following:
  • The original fare.
  • Westjet Rewards tier status.
  • The number of available seats.
  • The number of people traveling in a single flight ticket. 
Pay for an upgrade by calling the customer support number.
The Westjet Platinum and Gold Rewards program members get first access to purchase an upgrade to a premium or business class seat. Between 48 and 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure, platinum and gold members can seek to purchase an upgrade. Keep in mind that the flight's upgrade is dependent on availability and that upgrading requires calling the representative support number.
Complimentary upgrade before check-in
If the passangers have purchased Econoflex fares under platinum, gold, and silver membership, they are eligible for a complimentary upgrade with the airline. They can get the chance to auto-upgrade in the most recent Westjet flights. The travelers having the platinum membership are eligible with the purchase of Econo fares to get a complimentary seat. 
Complimentary upgrade gets done before the airlines open the window of the 24-hour check-in period and are allotted in priority orders starting from platinum and as per the booking class afterward. 
Complimentary upgrade at the airport
If you come under the eligibility criteria to get an upgrade from the airline, they didn't get it before check-in. In that case, they can still have a chance to get a last-minute upgrade at the time of boarding the flight ticket. To get added to the priority list, you must get eligible for booking and check-in at least 75 minutes before the scheduled departure (online or at the airport). The fare type eligible for a complimentary upgrade at the airport comes under Premium, Gold, and Silver membership ticket purchase under Econo, and the ticket purchased under EconoFlex.
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