How Good Is Swiss Air Premium Economy? Everything Need to Know

Lufthansa’s most efficient subsidiary, Swiss, renovated a fresher version of their Economy flights as Swiss Premium Economy throughout the flying routes for Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A340-300. The launch was immediately popular among all the passengers due to the faster onboarding and check-in process, a next-generation seat, and luxurious in-flight services in competition with Swiss Economy prices.  

What is premium economy like on Swiss Air? 

The astounding in-flight services will blow away your mind without sacrificing comfort since it's considered a vital part of improving your travel experience. To fathom more facts about what the premium economy is like on Swiss Air, go through the study and book your tickets right away for a memorable journey:
1. Finer location and an intimate Seating Arrangement- Swiss Air Premium Economy passengers are seated in the new cabin, which belongs to the Business compartment, freshly designed as a part of the aircraft’s general construction plan. The excruciating seats in Premium Economy provide an intimate experience. The cabin consists of just three rows, resulting in a total number of 24 next-generation seats with the following dimensions: 
  • Width- 46 cm Max. 
  • Tilt- 31 degrees 
  • Screen size- 15.6 inches 
  • Connections- USB A 
  • Seat pitch- 99 cm

2. Terrific Food and Entertainment: The Premium Economy catering team is excellent and experienced in offering only the best food on your table. The fine dining and massive screen at your disposal create a smoother and more subtle environment to ease your mind and body. You also get an alcohol-free welcome drink freshly stirred by the chefs to quench your thirst the moment you board.

3. No-queue Check-In: All passengers flying in Swiss Premium Economy are allowed a no-hold check-in process without any waiting period, and the same is availed to the boarding priority list. 

On which routes is Swiss Air currently offering the premium economy class?

Goudarzi Pour mentioned in the launch ceremony, ‘The product would have come out a little sooner’ if not for the uncanny situations post-COVID intervening with the routine airline business. However, Swiss was still successful in finally introducing Premium Economy Class to their Boeing 777-300ERs, not to forget all 12. Currently operating from Miami, Swiss is planning a massive expansion for the product as they plan to establish the same for San Francisco on the US West Coast from mid-April to São Paulo in Brazil from the end of April. Swiss will successfully incorporate the Premium Economy-equipped aircraft into the mentioned routes and all Boeing 777-300ERs operating under the airline’s name. 

How good is Swiss Air premium economy? 

The question can be answered in multiple ways but the best of them all would be to say, apart from the most comfortable seats, Swiss also offers the finest dining, easy check-in, and priority boarding for all Premium Economy passengers at Swiss Air. Read the extended information to know more about the worthy Swiss Air Premium Economy services:
  1. The premium economy cabins are situated at the most easily accessible and yet private location. The cabin is located behind the 3rd doors, neatly positioned over the wings (reducing noise), and occupying rows 20-22 in a 2 x 4 x 2 configuration.

  2. Swiss not only took their 70% of passengers’ suggestions about the no recliner seats but also improvised their seats with a 39’’ seat pitch for their ZIM privacy seats. 

  3. The baggage allowance for Swiss Premium Economy stunned the passengers when it rolled in with an allowance of 2 checked bags weighing 23 kgs each. 

  4. Swiss Premium Economy can also get you the most desirable lounge access at a very cheap price due to the offers, discounts, and additional Miles you get against such a booking.

  5. The services include prolonged leg room, large chambers with a comfortable pillow, an exotic menu, and a significant welcome drink for all the passengers.

  6. A free amenity kit before your journey begins to provide you with the excellence of Swiss Premium Economy at its best. 

Which Planes of Swiss Air have Premium Economy Facilities?

Swiss has already introduced the Premium Economy Class to Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A340-300 as an experiment product. The launch received an acknowledged review from all the passengers, and it has also affected the real estate value of the Swiss Economy on a massive scale due to the better services provided on such a significant fare. Due to the flourishing reservation rates, Swiss Air premium economy routes are now expanding to a broader network from San Francisco to Sao Paolo. Swiss Air is going to follow up with the expansion by launching the product on the A330s as well.

How much does a ticket for Swiss Air premium economy Cost?

Swiss Air’s attempt to improve the customer experience has resulted positively in providing more market value and assets to the airline. The Swiss Air premium economy price starts from $120 (CAD/USD/EUR), a feasible cost for any long-haul flight. The special assistance you demand will be charged separately. You can also confirm the same from Swiss Customer Support via the contact form, or if you want to know the group booking prices, you can request a quote for the same.
Q1. How big are the seats on Swiss Air premium economy? 
Ans. With a maximum width size between 46-48 cm, the seat comfort extends a narrow seat separation for more privacy, a reading lamp, wireless charging for mobile devices, and a small cocktail table for drinks. The screen has a screen resolution of 4K, and the length lands at 15.6 inches. 
Q2. Does Swiss Premium Economy have leg rest? 
Ans. The legroom in the front seats is much more amendable. The available space around a Swiss Premium Economy Space is rather inconvenient for taller passengers. However, for a standard-size passenger, it is much more convenient to travel in such a seat. 
Q3. Which is the best seat in Swiss Air premium economy Class? 
Ans. As per most Swiss Air premium economy reviews, you can find the best seat on row 20 since it is the first row of the premium economy cabin. The row extends extra legroom and the most comfortable positioning if you prefer extra space over anything. 
Q4. Do Swiss premium economy seats recline? 
Ans. For Sure. Swiss premium economy seats challenged the Swiss economy's no-recliner occupancy with a serious upgrade. Swiss Air adopted the 39’’ seat pitch for their next-generation seat upgrades. Swiss Economy seats were way too obnoxious and derivative in reducing their preferred seats' functionality. However, the Premium Economy benefits are loosening the passengers about their comfort queries. 
Q5. Do you get lounge access with Swiss premium economy?
Ans. Lounge access comes at a very affordable discounted price at Swiss Premium Economy. You can use the excessive benefit for a relatively comfortable experience at the airport. Long-haul flights can be tiring even after all the best possible amenities are available. The low-value lounge access gives you the additional benefit of loosening your muscles before boarding while transferring to a connecting flight or even after landing to freshen up for your arrival. 
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