Southwest Airlines Vouchers Rules, Redemption & Expiration

Are you planning to plan a trip with Southwest Airlines? Do you prefer vouchers while purchasing our flight tickets? If you are dealing with these questions, you should go through the instructions below. Go through them carefully.

Lookout the types of Vouchers which we can get on Southwest Airlines

If you are looking for a "Southwest Travel voucher," you should be well-versed with the varied types of vouchers provided by the airline's management to its valuable customers. We are pointing them out:

  1. Southwest LUV vouchers
  2. Southwest Gift Cards

Let's analyze the terms & conditions related to the vouchers

After looking out the briefings regarding the voucher, it is also essential to get detailed knowledge of the rules associated with the different kinds of vouchers provided by them. Go through the below-mentioned details carefully:

Southwest LUV Vouchers Terms & Conditions

  • These are liable as payment for future flight tickets through the official website of Southwest Airlines, Mobile apps, or the official customer service number.
  • The redemption of the Southwest LUV vouchers must be performed, and all travel should be completed towards the expiration date. If it is applied in conjunction with any other accepted payment form, all the tickets' earliest expiration dates are applied. The timeline cannot be extended, or in case any new value remains, it will not be forfeited upon the expiration date.
  • In some exceptional cases, the vouchers are not redeemable like in the Government-imposed segment fees, excise taxes, Passenger Facility charges & other categories. In general, vouchers are only applicable to the types of air carriers.
  • Vouchers or the travel issued in exchange for Southwest LUV vouchers have no cash value. One thing that is important to note is that these can not be exchanged for cash or any other monetary considerations. These vouchers cannot get replaced if they are stolen or damaged.
  • To redeem, passengers must have the Voucher with its original number. If the balance remains after the redemption procedure, the price e can be used for future purposes.
  • On the Southwest, If vouchers are sold, brokered, or get out by fraudulent practices, it is not legally liable.

Southwest Gift card terms & conditions

  • Southwest Gift cards are not refundable.
  • One thing that is important to concern is that the Southwest Gift card has no expiration date.
  • There is one quality in the Southwest Gift cards these are fully transferable.
  • Southwest Gift cards are useless if they have been gained from fraudulent practices.
  • Passengers are required to activate their Southwest Gift cards. In simple words, it has no value until it becomes activated. The activation of the gift card can only be performed after the clearance of the payments.
  • Southwest Gift cards are no credit or debit cards, so they have no implied warranties.
  • One important concern is that Southwest Airlines reserve the holders' right and purchase the card degrees. There is a time change about the program or to exchange it out.
  • The resold procedure of the Southwest gift cards cannot be performed for unlicensed vendors. If we see the legal conditions, then it comes under severe penalties.

Uses of the Southwest travel voucher

If we see the details of the "Southwest Airlines voucher," you should go through the parties we provide below. Go through them carefully:

For Flight ticket purchases:

Customers can easily use the Southwest Travel vouchers for flight ticket purchases in the future. It is the simplest way of redeeming or using the vouchers.

For Hotel Bookings:

Generally, various seven & five-star hotels accept vouchers as the booking mode. So, while booking a room in these hotels, customers can quickly put out the number of their vouchers & other demand details.

For shopping purposes:

Yes, vouchers can also be used for shopping Perot in various hotels, resorts, and clothes. Customers are just required to put their voucher details for buying out things.

How to look for the travel voucher?

To consider this question, we must look at the details required in the particular voucher separately. So, go through the below-mentioned details:

Travel Funds:

In this category, customers must enter the confirmation number, Passenger's first name, and passenger's surname. After carefully filling out all this information, you can click the tab.

LUV vouchers:

In the category of the LUV vouchers, customers are needed to fill in the Voucher number & security code. After filling out these, click on the option of "Lookup voucher."

Gift card:

In this category, customers needed to fill out the Card number & the security code. Fill them out carefully and click out the option of "Lookup finds."

After reading out the detailed guidelines regarding the "voucher," you should go through Southwest Airlines customer service if you are dealing with further doubts & queries. You can connect with the live representatives through various modes like Phone, Email, Live chat & others. They remain around the clock active to solve customer queries.  

How do you use a Southwest Airlines voucher?

To use Southwest Airlines' voucher, call the airline, dial Southwest Airlines Phone Number, 1-800-435-9792 (1-800 I FLY SWA), and then avail of the vouchers. 

Other than calling the customer executive, you can use a Southwest voucher through the online process. To learn the steps more about how to redeem the Southwest voucher, you can read through the given below steps: 

  • Go to Southwest Airlines' official website. 
  • And then opt for the process you wish. 
  • Review the fare and proceed to the payment page. 
  • On this page, reach the middle of the page, and add the same on the voucher section. 
  • Click on confirm, and then the same will be used. 

How much does Southwest offer a voucher? 

The Southwest voucher offers depend on the ground of the voucher being issued to you. Depending because the airline providing you vouchers, you shall be accordingly issued a voucher. 

How long does a Southwest voucher take? 

The voucher from Southwest Airlines takes around 24 to 48 hours to get issued. Upon completing the process, the voucher shall be immediately issued to you with or without the refund. 

Do Southwest Airlines flight vouchers expire?

The flight vouchers that Southwest Airlines provides to its customers expire in 10 to 14 days. You must use the same within this stipulated time, failing which the voucher will expire, and you won't be able to use it. 

Can I get my Southwest voucher extended?

Extension of vouchers after their expiration is not possible with the ones you get with Southwest Airlines. You must use the vouchers as you receive them within 10 to 14 days from when they are issued. You can use these vouchers for various purposes, such as: 

  • You can use the vouchers to make flight bookings. 
  • You can use the vouchers from Southwest Airlines if you wish to avail of Southwest's services, such as avail of onboard meals, choice of seat, upgrade the booking, get a welcome drink, and also get comfort items on the airline. 
  • The vouchers cannot be used when you change the booking if you avail of a Southwest vacation package, excess baggage fee, pet fare, check-in at the airport, unaccompanied minor service charge, etc. 

Can I redeem the voucher for Southwest Airlines in cash? 

You cannot redeem or exchange a Southwest Airlines voucher for cash, check, or credit. 

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