Ryanair Name Change Policy

Ryan Air Name change policy: Terms & Conditions

Ryan Air is a low-cost airline based in Ireland with its headquarters in Dublin. And to travel to or from Ireland, you can book flights in the Ryan Air which is a low cost airline. And there are a lot of passengers who end up making mistakes while booking flights like filling up the wrong flight details. And the most common mistake that usually people make is entering the wrong name of the passenger. And if you make the mistake of entering the wrong spelling of the name of the passenger then you can rectify it.

Name change policy of the Ryan Air:  

If you have entered the wrong name in your Ryan Air bookings then you can correct it. To make Ryan Air name change, you can easily follow below given steps.

Can you change the name in Ryan Air bookings?

If you are not aware of the rules of Ryan Air bookings then you need to know that you easily change the name as well as correct the spelling mistake of the name.

How to change name in the Ryan Air bookings

  • To change the name in the Ryan Air, open the website of the airline.
  • Now on the Ryan Air website, tap on the’ manage booking’ section.
  • Now under the ‘manage booking’ b, select on manage my trips and pick change name option.
  • Select the passenger’s name to be changed and enter the new name in the blank space.

 Now follow the online instructions and confirm the changes made on the website. And hence you are done!

Name change policy in the Ryan Air

  • You can easily change the name as well as correct the spelling mistake in the Ryan Air.
  • If you are changing the name of the passenger up to three characters free of cost.
  • In case you change the entire name then you will be charged with some cost.
  • You can change the name maximum of 48 hours before the flight departs.

And hence you are done with the Ryan Air name change process. In case you want to check the Ryanair name change fee, you can check the fee table. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team.

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