Korean Air Seat Selection

Korean air seat selection & Its Eligibility criteria:

In the event of unscheduled flights or delayed flight maintenance, advance seat selection may not be available for the entire customer who has purchase economy class and first class ticket.

  • This service to select seats is not offered on some of the codeshare flights.

  • Passengers traveling in the group are not eligible for seat selection service.

  • N/T class ticket holders are not eligible for service of seat selection.

  • Advance seat selection is limited to membership level or the booking class.

How to Request for Advance seat selection at Korean Air?

  • Korean Air offers you an option to select the seat online with the help of a website, through service center, ticketing office, or through a travel agency that is available for a time period of 361 days to 48 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • With the help of Korean Air’s service of advance seat-selection, passengers can choose their preferred seat such as a window or an aisle seat in the advance of booking.

  • Alternatively, one can select the preferred seat with the help of a homepage or application.

  • Passenger can select the Seat for international flights that can be preregistered up to the 48 hours before the departure for the economy class and 24 hours before departure for the first and Prestige class.

Some Important points need to keep in mind for selecting a seat:

When you choose an airplane seat, the choice should be one that lets you fly comfortably and in a relaxed mode. Let’s take a close look that we should consider before choosing the seat in an airplane.


Passenger should pick a seat on the trailing edge of the wing or aisle seat if you’re concerned about safety.


Choose exit row seats which give air travelers much leg space 37-41 inch more pitch, just you need to pay for it.

Likewise, first-class and other class seats offer plenty of space to stretch their legs, but these tickets can be costly than the economy class.


Looking for more space and to have easy access to your bag? Now Choose a seat in the back of the plane. Airlines allow you to board from the back to the front that means if you get on first and are in the back, the passenger will have the first pick of where to store luggage.

Once you chose a more spacious seat, Passenger can put their bag in an ideal position just right over the seat, and others will have to place his or hers where one can place it easily.

Besides, above all the points, if you are seeking further assistance, you can call directly on their support number to get the immediate feedback or response on Korean air advance seat selection


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