KLM Seat Upgrade To Business and First Class

Get Necessary Details about Seat Upgrade on KLM Airlines

Do you wish to experience a luxurious and comfortable journey? If so, then treat yourself by upgrading seat to KLM Airlines business class. By doing so, you can enjoy all the business class facilities provided by KLM Airlines. More relevant information about seat upgrade is presented below.

What does a seat upgrade mean?

When a passenger changes economy class ticket to business class it is called an upgrade. KLM seat upgrade is available in different ways depending on the timing you can apply for the same.

When and how to get a seat upgrade on KLM Airlines?

You can get the KLM seat upgrade right from the moment after booking until check-in. Additionally, KLM Airlines passengers are permitted to get a seat upgrade through online as well as offline mode

Where can you get the KLM seat upgrade and its process?

You can get KLM seat upgrade through My Trips section before check-in, whereas you can also get it during online check-in through the website as well as the app. Further, you can also purchase a KLM seat upgrade from the airport. Moreover, the procedure to upgrade seat on KLM Airlines via the online channel is as explained below.

Seat upgrade before check-in:

  • Open KLM website and navigate to My Trips
  • Further, enter your booking number and last name
  • Then hit find the button and choose a flight from the bookings list for a seat upgrade
  • Next, select upgrade option and pay the applicable charges for it

Seat upgrade during check-in:

  • Open KLM website or app and move to check-in tab
  • Next, submit booking code and hit check-in button
  • Then select seat upgrade option and follow onscreen instructions

Apart from this if you have any further query kindly connect to the KLM customer service department for support.

Get your KLM seat upgraded from economy to business class

If you want to experience luxury while travelling, KLM provides you with the option of an upgrade from economy to business class. To get details about the KLM business class upgrade, go through to this article.

Upgrade your Economy class to business

  • If the online check-in is being done no earlier than 30 hours before the scheduled departure, you can avail the paid upgrade service for Economy to Business class. The upgrade is available at reduced prices also but it varies according to time.
  • After purchasing the upgrade, you are offered the same facilities that are being offered to any other business class passenger.

Prerequisites of upgrade

  • To get a seat next to the emergency exit, you must be healthy, not dependent on medications and able to perform in the emergency.
  • You must ensure that the info provided during the upgrade is correct to avoid any fraudulent reservations.

About Refunds

If you don't get the business class seat, even after upgrading, you are entitled to claim a refund for the same. To claim a refund, you need to fill the refund form upgrade to business class. If you are not eligible for the refund, there will be no refund provided to you. You can claim the refund, only if:

  • The airline cancels the flight.
  • The type of aircraft is changed by the airline.
  • You miss any of your connecting flights.
  • If the airline has changed your seat according to the safety and operational rules.

For more details on the KLM business class upgrade, you can contact the reservations team. All contact details are available on KLM airlines' website.

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