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Hawaiian Airlines is a top-notch airline carrier offering a wide range of travel services. One can smoothly book a flight ticket on Hawaiian Airlines to multiple routes at affordable prices in varied classes proffer by Hawaiian Airlines. If any passenger changes their previous reservation to an upper class, then Hawaiian Airlines provides a facility for seat upgrading where one can upgrade their previous booking to a business class and first class very simply. But it’s very important to know about every process and policy before making an upgrade.

How to get an upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

Passengers can upgrade their existing Hawaiian Airlines ticket to Business or First class. Only revenue tickets are eligible to get an upgrade. The upgrade can be bought using HawaiianMiles or by paying the fare difference. Passengers must contact Hawaiian Airlines Reservation to upgrade their ticket, go to the Contact page of Hawaiian, choose an appropriate contact method, and get assistance.

  • Upgrade the reservation using HawaiianMiles: Upgrade using HawaiianMiles must be completed at least 26 hours before the flight departure. The Hawaiian Reservation executives must be contacted beforehand.

  • Upgrade the reservation by paying the fare difference: Passengers must pay the fare difference for an upgrade, and if the flight number, date, or time is changed, the fare difference and change fee must be paid.

How to upgrade to first class on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you wish to upgrade your reservation to first-class on Hawaiian Airlines, then you should need to follow the below steps:

  • Make sure that your flight is eligible for an upgrade, and you can check online for that.
  • Go to the official Hawaiian Airlines website and click the Manage Your Trip section.
  • Enter your last name and your reservation number in the given field.
  • Now, choose a booking you wish to upgrade and then choose how you would like to upgrade your seat.

To upgrade to business class on Hawaiian Airlines

If you want to upgrade your previous booking to a business class, you can make this request 26 hours from the scheduled departure of your flight. You can follow the below instructions to upgrade your seat:

  • Log in to your Hawaiian Miles account by using your login credentials.
  • Now choose the best price business class deal and then redeem the miles to upgrade your existing reservation.
  • The flight upgrade process can also be made at the airport, where you can use your miles or credit card to upgrade the class.

If you are confronting any difficulty during the seat upgrade process, contact the customer service team of Hawaiian Airlines and avail yourself of highly reliable assistance.

What is the process of upgrading the seat by using the miles in Hawaiian Airlines?

Who does not want to save their bucks while making a booking? Hawaiian Airlines is a customer-centric airline that allows its passengers to upgrade their cabin class even after they have not got a seat in their desired cabin. 

Using miles for upgrade:

You need to follow a specific process for a Hawaiian Airlines upgrade using miles. If you are a frequent flyer, you can use your miles to upgrade your seat to the business/first class. The upgrade cost depends on what your destination is and when you are making the booking. In Hawaiian Airlines, you need some miles to upgrade. Let us look at how many miles you will need for different places for one-way. 

  • 7,500 miles to a neighboring island

  • 25,000 miles to North America

  • 30,000 miles to Samoa/Tahiti; no stopovers permitted

  • 45,000 miles to New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Korea, or China; no stopovers will be permitted

If you want to opt for any mileage upgrade, you should do it at least 26 hours before the flight's departure. For more information, you can call on the Hawaiian customer service team. 

How can you make sure that the upgrade is available:

You must set up a HawaiianMiles account, log in, and see what flights have first/business class awards.

If you want to find out whether the upgrade is available, then you need to call the customer service team of Hawaiian Airlines and talk to the experts. You can also go to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines and search for the business or first-class award ticket. It will be the same as an upgrade ticket. You will have to set up your account, log in, and see what flights have these upgrades available. 

Hawaiian Airlines Upgrade FAQs:

What are Hawaiian Airlines' extra comfort seats?

If you decide to travel via Hawaiian Airlines, then the first priority given to the passengers on this airline is the comfortable flight seats, and you can easily book flights to travel with comfort. However, for better prospects and a comfortable flight journey, people can choose the extra comfort seats If you decide to travel via Hawaiian Airlines, then the first priority given to the passengers on this airline is the comfortable flight seats, and you can easily book flights to travel with comfort.

However, for better prospects and a comfortable flight journey, people can choose the extra comfort seats on Hawaiian Airlines. The extra comfort seats of the Hawaiian airlines are mainly found in the Airbus 330 and 321; you will get extra leg space and more comfy seats.

Is extra comfort worth it on Hawaiian Airlines?

Every other normal passenger who travels by air deserves a little extra care and comfort. Hence, for the same reason, people now can easily make bookings on extra comfort seats, which means they will get seats with better facilities than the normal reservation seat.

Reasons behind choosing Hawaiian Airlines comfort seats

  1. Five additional inches of leg space, which is quite spacious.
  2. Seats are more comfortable and have more area to spread your legs and body with ease.
  3. Portable chargers everywhere to help passengers charge their mobiles and laptops

Is it cheaper to buy a first-class flight ticket or upgrade it?

It is really to find out if upgrading a flight ticket is better than buying an upper-class seat. However, to find out, always keep an eye around all types of deals and when you find the cheaper offer, be it a flight upgrade or a first-class ticket, confirm it.

Can you use Hawaiian Miles to upgrade seats?

If you want to upgrade the flight seat, you can always do that through the miles you saved on your Hawaiian Airlines account. All the miles you have saved on the flights can be used to book tickets in the future. 

When can you bid for an upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines? 

Passengers with a confirmed ticket fly to either of the routes: Hawaiian Airlines operated flights between North America and Hawaii or Hawaii and International. The passenger must not be seated in a Main Cabin Basic, traveling with an infant or a pet, or booked as an unaccompanied minor.

  • If a passenger itinerary is eligible to bid for an upgrade, they will receive an Email to participate in the bid.
  • Passengers can also bid on an eligible itinerary through the website via My Trips.  
  • Once verified that the itinerary is eligible for bidding, passengers can submit an offer to the airline.
  • If bidding is successful, the amount will be charged, and within 24-48 hours, the confirmation will be sent to the passenger.
  • If the passenger is not upgraded, they can keep their original ticket and will be informed 24 hours before departure.

How to get a free upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold members can get a complimentary Hawaiian Airlines upgrade on all Hawaiian Airlines-operated flights. However, free upgrades are rare, so one must book an upgrade.

If you have any doubts about the Hawaiian Airlines upgrade, you can contact the support team of the airline. The support team of Hawaiian Airlines works 24x7.

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