Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy:Name & Date Change

You Can Cancel Your Ticket within the First 24 Hours From the Time You Booked Your Ticket.

  • Delta Airlines can allow you to cancel your ticket in case there is a death in your family or you have received summon for jury duty. However, you must send a copy of the obituary or summons to the airline so that you save yourself from being charged a fee.
  • If Delta Airlines has any change in departure or arrival time of the flight then you can change to a different flight for free.
  • You can also use a credit card that allows trip cancellation coverage.
  • Always book from the airline directly and not from a third party. Also, you should buy a flexible ticket.
  • As early as possible, you should cancel or change your flight.

This is suggested that you should book your travel ticket on Delta airlines with a travel rewards card that offers you a trip cancellation benefit.

Delta Name Correction: Change Your Ticket Name on Delta Airlines Flights

Is there will be any Charge for the Name Change on Delta Airlines?

Yes, Delta airlines have prescribed the name change charges for the passengers and if you want to change your name on Delta airline's flight ticket, then you would need to pay the name change fee. The flight name change fee starts from $75-500 which mostly depends on the type of ticket that you have been held. Before changing your name on Delta airline's flights you should know about Delta airlines name change policy which is very important to know. This policy includes:

  • First and middle name correction is possible to do without a waiver code.
  • Passengers can make a request for a name change 7 days prior to 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If any passenger wants to make the correction in the last name, then make sure that the first and middle name is corrected.

How to Change the Name on Delta Airlines Tickets?

Have you mistakenly entered the wrong name on your Delta airlines flight tickets during the booking? Then you have the option of changing the name on your tickets booked with Delta airlines. The process of Delta airlines name change can be performed through Delta airlines phone number or you may also apply the below steps:

  • Go to the official Delta Airlines website from your phone or computer.
  • Now log in to your Delta account by using your username or SkyMiles and then enter your password into the given field.
  • You can also enter your booking number and last name into the required field under the My Trips section.
  • Click on the Search tab to find all your reservations.
  • Now choose a booking for that you wish to change your name and then look for the customization option if available.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to change your name on Delta airlines tickets.

Correction in the First or Middle Name

Travel agents are simply allowed to make corrections in the first or middle name and may reissue the ticket without any waiver code. Correction for Delta change name on ticket that can be made are given below:

  • Allowed to correct name in the PNR.
  • Mention the OSI message “OSI DL NAME CORRECTION TO FIRST/MIDDLE NAME ONLY” to the PNR that indicates that name correction has made.
  • No need for waiver code.

Correction to the Last Name

It is also possible to correction to the last name and reissues a ticket without any waiver code that includes the below conditions:

  • You can only make a correction to the last name maximum of three characters and if the correction is more than three characters, then contact Global Sales Support for further assistance.
  • Reissue the ticket without any change to flight or date.
  • Correct the name in your PNR.
  • No need for a waiver code.

Additional changes to the last name without changing the name

It is also allowed to make the additional changes in the name without changing the name and you can simply Delta change name on ticket for the last name as per below instructions:

  • You can make additional changes to the last name, for example, Mick/Lee to Lee/Mick.
  • No need for a waiver code.

First and Last Name Turn around on the Ticket

  • If you have mentioned Ricky/Bahel on the ticket, then should read Bahel/Ricky.
  • Correct your name in PNR.

Note: In case your middle name is mentioned (like MR, MS, MRS) and the first and last names are inverted, then you will be required to contact the Delta for help.

Fewer Examples for Such Corrections


Cancellation Policy of Delta Airlines due to Illness and Weather

Delta Flight Cancellation Due to Death or Illness

If you have a flight booking with Delta Airlines but it needs to be canceled as the plan failed due to any problem, as per the Delta Airlines cancellation policy you can cancel the flight anytime you want. If you cancel the flight within 24 hours of the flight booking time and also there is a gap of at least 7 days in the flight departure, there will be no cancellation charge and you will get a full refund.

If there is an event of a passenger’s or its family member's death Delta cancellation policy due to death will be applicable as follows:

  • If there is an event of passenger’s death, in that case, the ticket can be canceled and the refund will be processed to the passenger's companion
  • If there is an event of the death of a passengers family member within 30 days of the flight date cancellation is possible and a refund will be processed

In both cases, the ticket number and the death certificate will be required for verification. You can send the death certificate to Delta Airlines, Inc.

You always have an option to purchase medical travel insurance so that if you feel ill during the time of travel you can cancel the ticket and get a refund.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy Due to Weather

There are times when the weather goes bad and the airline has to either delay or cancel the flights. If a passenger has booked a Delta airlines ticket and the flight gets canceled due to bad weather conditions, then Delta's cancellation policy due to weather is followed which is as follows:

  • The passenger can ask the airline to waive the change fee for rebooking the ticket Delta airlines.
  • A passenger can ask customer support to credit the full value of the ticket for any future travel.
  • The refund for the ticket can also be claimed as the passenger is not responsible for the cancellation of the flight.

What is the Delta Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights?

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you waiting for your delayed flight at the airport? Then you can also face many other problems like missing your connecting flight due to a delayed flight that has been canceled for multiple reasons. In such conditions, every airline provides compensation for the canceled flights and if you have booked your flight with Delta airlines, then you can simply claim compensation on canceled flights. There are lots of rules and restrictions that come under the Delta airlines flight cancellation compensation policy and you have to know about them.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation Policy

  • If your domestic flight has been canceled, then Delta airlines will help you to put on the next available flight as per your destination.
  • You will need to depart another airport to pick up your flight and Delta will provide the transportation facility regarding that.
  • If you request a refund instead of re-routing a flight, then you will get a full refund on your canceled flights.

You will get compensation if you are flying to or from the EU and the amount of compensation will be based on your flight distance is given below:

  • You will get up to $300 if the flight distance is less than 1500 km.
  • You will get up to $500 if the flight distance is between 1500 km to 3500 km.
  • If the flight distance is more than 3500 km, then you will get up to $700.

In case you have still any kind of query regarding the Delta airlines compensation policy for canceled flights, then you can also contact the customer service team of Delta airlines and avail the reliable assistance on your queries instantly.

Take An Overview On Delta Flight Change Fee

Delta Domestic Ticket Change Fees

All the passengers who are traveling within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands for each flight are required to pay the change fees are $200 for Delta Flights. After the deduction of $200 (Change Fee) the remaining amount of your old flight ticket will be used towards the new flight booking you will book.

Delta International Ticket Change Fees

All the passengers who are traveling within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands for each flight are required to pay the change fees which starts at $200. The Delta Airlines flight change fees may vary depending upon several factors like length of flight, location, and type of fare.

Delta Third-Party Ticket Changes

Just in case, if you purchase a flight ticket that Delta Airlines didn't issue, for example, tickets purchased through a vacation package or hotel reservations, then, you may require to pay the additional fees.

When the Additional Charges May Apply to Your Delta Airlines Flight Ticket Changes?

  • If the booking is done through an online travel agency.
  • When you book flights through a traditional travel agency.
  • Using another airline which includes SkyTeam and codeshare partners.

What are the Circumstances in Which Additional Charges Will Not Be Applied?

  • If your ticket is issued by Delta such as via reservation sales,, or the Fly Delta app, a ticket office, will not require any additional charges.
  • In some involuntary changes, for example, cancellations, delays, or schedule changes.
  • Also, if you made Delta Same Day flight change.
  • Additionally, all the tickets which are issued with military or government fares

Above all, when a customer is completing a SkyMiles upgrade will not require to pay any Delta Airlines flight change fees.

Delta Refund Policy: Information for Refund Policy on Delta Airlines

If the travel plan changes, you need to apply for a cancellation or refund. Check all the details for refunding case you have cancelled your flight reservation.

  • Non-refundable ticket- if the passenger has purchased a non-refundable ticket then the cost would be deducted from the actual cost of the flight. The remaining value would be provided in the form of an E-credit that could be used towards the purchase of another flight. But the basic economy flight ticket this rule does not apply.
  • Refundable ticket- in case of a refundable ticket, it should be purchased with a credit card, cash, or check. A refund will be initiated to the original payment method.
  • Refund for trip protection- passenger needs to fill out the form for unused coverage for trip protection.

These were the following details about the refund to know more about the Delta Refund Policy contact the official delta helpline number.

How to Cancel a Refundable and Non-Refundable Ticket?

  • At first, visit the booking website to enter the credentials and click on Delta manage booking tab.
  • Go to my trip and select a trip that you want to cancel and select the flight.
  • Click on the refundable flight ticket and press the cancel button and then move to the next.
  • Click on the modify button and click on the continue button to cancel your flight smoothly.
  • Click on the non-refundable flight ticket and select the price of the cancellation fee of $200 which depends on your itinerary.
  • After canceling your flight you will receive a message on your registered mobile phone.

Thus, you can cancel your refundable and non-refundable flight tickets expeditiously. After cancellation applies for the refund process.

How to apply for a Refund for a Refundable Ticket?

If you want to receive a refund for the refundable flight ticket, you must confirm that you have purchased your flight using a credit card, cash, or check. And your refund will be received in your original payment.

How to Apply for a Refund for Unused Trip Purchases?

If you want to apply for a refund for any unused trip that you have purchased you must follow the below steps.

  • First of all, you need to fill out the form to request a refund that you need to use.
  • Check out the correct date and time of the booking and then apply for a refund.
  • Press the continue button and follow the on-screen instructions to get the refund instantly.

How to Check Your Delta Refund Status?

When you submit the refund request form for an upcoming trip, you may proceed to check the status of your refund request at any time. for more help dial 800-221-1212 and request a refund with a Delta representative.

What are Delta 24 Hours Risk-Free Cancellation?

If you have purchased a flight ticket directly from the Delta booking website, you can find a risk-free cancellation. This happens on refund flight booking and just because you have received an e-ticket that you can cancel soon at 24 hours before departure. And doing this, you will find your refund without paying a single penny.

What is the cancellation policy of Delta caused by a hurricane?

Delta Airlines provides a very fair cancellation policy due to the happening of natural hazards like a hurricane. In a situation like this, it is quite understandable that airlines have to cancel a flight running in prone areas for safety reasons. However, Delta Airlines offers a very reasonable cancellation policy to deal with the passengers in such a situation. In case you don't have the right knowledge related to the flight Delta Airlines cancellation policy due to the hurricane, refer to the points listed below for understanding it thoroughly.

  • In a condition Delta Airlines issues a waiver for the flight you have booked due to a hurricane, you have the choice to cancel your flight any time before departure.
  • You also get the choice to rebook a new flight for your desired destination on the specific dates mentioned under the waiver guidance, also without paying any penalties to the Delta Airlines for it.
  • You need to pay the access amount if the cost of a booking exceeds the price you have paid for your previous booking.
  • In case the new flight is lesser in price than the old one, then Delta Airlines refund the remaining money to you in credit form.

Hence, all the rules explaining the cancellation policy of Delta Airlines due to the hurricane are enlisted above. Moreover, you can contact Delta Airlines customer executives to asking more reservations.

Get Complete Information About Coronavirus Delta Cancellation Waiver

As the Coronavirus outbreak is spreading swiftly the entire world is taking precautions to keep away from it. Moreover, airlines also have made changes in their policy due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Well, Delta Airlines has also made some amendments which are as follows:

  • The airline has changed the flight schedule to the affected areas to adjust the travel plans of passengers. Additionally, as per the Delta cancellation policy coronavirus, the airline has waived changes fees as well.
  • Also, the airline advised all the passengers to check their flight status frequently, or else, you can get an update on your mobile with a one-time flight notification.
  • There will be no charges to change flights booked between 1 and 31 March 2020 for the affected customers.
  • The airline mentions March 1, 2020, to February 25, 2020, as impacted travel dates.
  • In addition, the Delta flight ticket changes are applicable for one time only to an alternate itinerary and must be reissued prior to February 28, 2021.
  • Above all, the travel that you rebook must begin prior to February 28, 2021.

However, the change charges are waived, the difference in the flight fare is required to be paid by the passenger. And the travel should be completed by the end of the flight ticket validity. To get more details on Delta cancellation policy coronavirus, you will require to contact Delta Airlines customer service. The team of reservation experts will provide you all the required information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long online refund process takes place?

Refund requests are subject to fare plus fees and penalties that can be applied to refund. The itinerary would be canceled when the refund will be processed. Allow seven working days for the refund to show, in cash ticket purchased refund will initiate the name of the passenger within 20 business days.

Q2. How to check refund request details if I have applied for a refund?

Status can be checked online. Passengers can call as well as drop mail at the official mail address.

Q3. How to request for refund via telephone or mail?

For requesting the refund passenger can call to delta reservation helpline number available on its official website. Passengers can also submit coupons through the address provided

Q4. Can a ticket refund be done at any delta office?

Yes tickets can be done at delta offices; you have to check the location of offices at the official website

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