Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy A Comprehensive Guide

Suppose you have made plans to travel for really important work or planned vacation month back. You have also booked flight tickets and done all the packing and other preparations. And on the D day when your flight is ready to take off, because of traffic or any emergency you end up missing your flight. Take a second and imagine yourself lying in this situation. Now take a backseat and relax. Even if you miss your flight, especially in Delta Airlines, you still have an opportunity to catch another without having to pay extra amount. So if you ever miss a flight you can keep the following points in mind related to Delta Airlines Missed flight policy which is as follows:

Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy - Important Points That Will Help You

  • If you reach within two hours of flight taken off, you can still be adjusted in another flight without having to pay for any extra charge.
  • If you miss the last flight of the day, you have to wait for the next day and even have to pay for it.
  • In case of any emergency say traffic, accident, etc you can call upon a toll-free number of airlines and inform them well in advance.
  • And if you miss your flight because of your mistake or don’t turn up, you are not entitled to any kind of refund.
  • And even if you miss your flight need not panic or stressed. Take a deep breath and ask for help politely from airlines authority. You will be listened to and cooperated with.

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