Can I Add Extra Baggage to My Emirates Flights? Know How

Yes, Emirates allows passengers to add an extra bag with Emirates. However, there are some rules and regulations attached for carrying additional baggage on the airline, and those are highlighted below; please jot down whatever seems important to you: take a glance:
  1. Excess baggage allowance is given only in case of space availability. 
  2. For Excess baggage allowance, you can not transfer the allowance you received to any other passenger. 
  3. Different discounts and pre-purchases will be available where Emirates serves all its flight operations. 
  4. Emirates holds the authority to modify the baggage rules at any given point in time and holds no responsibility for any payment failure. 
  5. The charges for excess baggage vary from flight to flight; thus, you are advised to keep yourself in the loop with all such updates.  
  6. You can carry a 32 KG/checked bag onboard. (maximum for Business and First Class while it's only 23 KG for Economy Class). 
  7. Even if you change your itinerary, the baggage allowance may stay the same. 
  8. You are permitted to purchase an additional baggage service on Adult and Children tickets but not on Infants tickets.
  9. It is always recommended that passengers carry a credit card to make a transaction to get excess baggage services on Emirates. 
  10. However, for any assistance, you can get in touch with the executive who will resolve each of your queries. 

How to add extra Baggage on Emirates Fights? 

People are often found raising a query, “How to add baggage in Emirates?” There are different methods you can adopt to add extra baggage on Emirates flights, and those are listed below; please take a look:

Add extra baggage online. 

If you adopt this method to add extra pieces of luggage to your existing or current bookings, you save additional charges, which are imposed by the airline at the airport. So, if you want to learn the method, you are suggested to observe the steps that are provided below; please take a look;
  • Visit the official website of Emirates to begin the mode. ,
  • On that page, you have to enter your ticket information, such as PNR Number, name, etc., and search your itinerary. 
  • Choose your flight, and click the tab “Edit My Flight.” 
  • You will view the option to “Add baggage” and make the changes as per your requirement. 
  • Make the fee (to add on a bag) and receive a confirmation email. 
NOTE: If you have not purchased a flight ticket yet, you will find the option to get “Excess baggage” at the time of filling out a reservation form on the official website. You have to fill it out, and you have to make the payment to confirm such process, and you will receive the confirmation email. 

Approach the airport to add extra baggage. 

Emirates allows every passenger to add extra baggage by requesting the agent at the airport. For that, if you have already reserved your flight ticket, you need to carry all your ticket details and present them to the agent, and if you have not initiated any booking process, all you have to do is carry your debit card or cash so you can make the transactions.  

Add extra baggage at the check-in. 

The airline also gives you an opportunity to request the executive to buy extra baggage Emirates at the time of checking in. However, it is not necessary that the airline will allow you, as it depends upon the availability of space. Thus, you are suggested to approach the assistance team beforehand and get all the updates. 

How much does it cost to add extra luggage on Emirates? 

As mentioned in its baggage terms and conditions, the Emirates imposes different charges for adding extra luggage on Emirates. However, you can take a glance at the points to know its basic fee, which varies from destination to destination;
  • Generally, the Emirates extra baggage fee per kg begins from USD 15 and goes up to USD 55. 
  • However, the price keeps on varying. Thus, you are advised to keep yourself in the loop with all such updated costs.  

What if you exceed the number of baggage on Emirates?

Passengers often wonder what if they exceed the set number of baggage limits on Emirates, so you are suggested to take note of the following points through which you will be able to know about the same; please have a look
  • Emirates imposes USD 75 for exceeding baggage, and this amount can stretch to USD 200. 
  • The charges vary from region to region. Thus, you are requested to visit the official website of Emirates, where you will find the baggage fares. 
  • Carrying extra luggage on Emirates is never intentional; either one has to carry or is compelled to carry, considering the climate of the concerned destination. Thus, the sections above will highlight all the information on baggage, its rules, some proven methods to add additional or excess baggage to your bookings, the cost to incur for services, and other things. 
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