How do I Change my Flight on Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

Philippine Airlines is the flag carrier of the Philippines and operates various domestic and international flights. So, whenever you need to get to your destination on domestic or international basis, for more comfortable and safer journey, choose Philippine Airlines and if you have got your bookings on Philippines Airlines and you are looking to change your flight and perplexed with the question how do I change my flight on Philippines Airlines, then, all you need to do is go through following procedure to change your flight:

  • You can make the changes into your booking through the Philippine Airlines website.
  •  You can do it under manage the booking section.
  • A traveler can make changes in flight date, origin/destination, contact information, etc.
  • If needed, a traveler can also add items such as prepaid baggage, seats, and travel insurance.
  • Go to the website of Philippine Airlines.
  • On the home page only, you can see the manage booking section.
  • You need to click on the Manage Booking section.
  • You are required to provide booking reference and Last Name and then, click on Retrieve Booking.
  • Since you need to do flight change, you can do it accordingly by going through on-screen instruction.

Extra Changes You Can Do With Philippine Airlines

  • Add Special Meals:

Philippine Airlines has exquisite cuisine and if you need to add a cuisine, you can do it while booking your flight or can do even after your booking has been confirmed under manage the booking section.

  • Upgrade your ticket:

Philippine Airlines has the following classes

1. Business Class
2. Premium Economy
3. Economy

  • Add Special Assistance:

If needed special assistance in the form of mobility aid or need special assistance for expectant mother, one can add the service under manage the booking section.

Add more people onto your ticket: You can add more people to your ticket if needed and go along with your people to your destination.

  • Add Baggage:

If you have more luggage than that has been mentioned onto your ticket, you can add it to your ticket.

Also, Philippine Airlines provides lucrative packages and deals to its customers. In order to know more about the services and deals of Philippine Airlines, one may contact the customer care of Philippine Airlines. The customer care executives are available round the clock and are adept, professional, and friendly in nature.

Also, if you need to make bookings or needed to make changes to your booking or have any queries regarding the services of Philippine Airlines, you can contact the customer care of Philippine Airlines.

Philippine Airlines pays attention to customer happiness and strives to provide excellent service. So, choose Philippine Airlines for a comfortable and happy journey!!

How to Change Name on Philippine Airlines

  • To begin the process to change name on Philippine Airlines, open its website.
  • On the homepage of the website, select the Manage Flight tab.
  • Enter the booking reference, last name, and click Proceed.
  • After that, you will see the flight booking details and choose the Flight Change option.
  • If your flight is eligible for name change, you will find the option to do so.
  • Follow the prompts and complete the Philippine Airlines name change process.

Besides, if you want to know more about the cost to change a flight booking on Philippine Airlines, you can get all the information in the next section.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight on Philippine Airlines

When you change your flight bookings on Philippine Airlines under 24 hours of its purchase, you won't require paying any change fee. Rebooking is free of cost when you change a flight on the same day.

Also, you will require to pay the fare difference of the flights along with the applicable fees. You can get all information about the taxes, fees, and charges by simply calling the Philippine Airlines phone number.

The Philippine Airlines flight change cost is different for different flights and depends on several factors like route, fare type, destination.

Some Philippine Airlines Flight Change FAQs

Q1. Why do flight delays, changes, and cancellation occur in Philippine Airlines?

Because of force majeure (government regulation, natural calamity, unfavorable weather conditions, safety, and security concerns) and other operational concerns, the airline has to make some changes due to which the delays, changes, and cancellation occurs in Philippine Airlines.

Q2. How can I stay updated on any changes in my flight?

You can get all the updates without going anywhere; you need to just make a phone call to the Philippine Airlines reservation support team.

Also, you can subscribe to the free emailer or registered yourself by calling to Philippine Airlines helpline number and all the updates about Philippine Airlines services will be sent to you through email or text messages.

Q3. Can I Change My Flight Schedule in Philippine Airlines?

Yes, anyone can change the schedule of a flight booking on Philippine Airlines. The airline lets its passengers make changes in the booked flight up to 24 hours prior to the departure. However, you can go to the website of the airline or at the airport counter to change your bookings.

Q4. Is There a Rebooking Fee for Philippine Airlines?

Philippine Airlines doesn't charge any PAL rebooking fee to rebook a flight ticket but the rebooking is subject to availability. If you rebook a flight ticket, the new flight class fare is higher; the fare difference is required to pay. In addition, when the new flight fare is less than the original flight booking, the remaining amount may return through the travel points or vouchers.

Q5. How Can I Refund My Ticket in Philippine Airlines?

Though the refund is provided automatically once you cancel a flight booking, for this, the flight ticket must be refundable. You can also contact the customer service or send an email to refund support team. Non-refundable flight tickets won't get any refund and also, the charges or penalty will be deducted when you receive the refund.

Q6. How Do I Contact Philippine Airlines?

There are multiple ways to contact PAL customer service. You can connect with the customer service without any hassle and opt for a way in which you feel comfortable to talk to a live person at Philippine Airlines. Besides, given are the ways in which you can be in touch with the support team:

  • Phone Call
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat

Or by visiting the support page to get all information about the PAL rebooking fee, flight bookings, cancellation, etc.

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