How can I change my flight without paying a fee on Hainan airlines

Hainan Airlines is a China-based Airline company. Hainan airline operates currently on 500 routes. These routes include both national and international routes. So all those looking to fly to their favorite travel destination with Hainan airlines can book a flight with the airline and enjoy a pleasant trip to their destination. You can book a flight ticket online on the official website which is You can also call your travel agent and book your flight ticket. You can go to the local office of the airline and book your ticket there. You can call the Hainan airline online ticket booking number and ask to book your ticket and you can go to a third party portal to book the ticket as well. Booking in all these ways is quite an easy process.

Now once you have booked a ticket you should ideally travel on your travel date. But sometimes there are situations because of which you cannot travel on that date and you need to change your flight date. You may be traveling on the same date but you may need to change flight destination, name or seat. Well, you can change your flight but you may have to pay a change fee. But you don’t want to pay a fee. The question is how can I change my flight without paying a fee on Hainan airlines? Just read it.

Hainan Airlines Flight Change: Terms and Conditions

You can follow the below steps to change your flight without paying a fee

  • Always change your flight ticket within the first 24 hours from the time of booking.
  • With Hainan Airlines you may be allowed to make a change in your flight in case there is some unfortunate incident like a death in your family or you received a summon for jury duty. In either of these two situations, you must send the copy of obituary or summons to the airline to save yourself from paying a change fee.
  • You can change to a different Hainan Airlines flight for free if there is a change in the airline departure or arrival time.
  • You can also avoid paying a change fee by booking directly from the airline. You must not book from the third party portal then only you can avoid change fee. You should also buy a flexible ticket.

Hainan Airlines Change Flight Date +1-(802)-210-3331

You can go to ‘Manage my bookings’ and change the flight date. You can also contact the local office of Hainan airline for the flight date change.

Hainan Airlines Change Flight Destinations

In ‘Manage my bookings’ section you can change the flight destination. You can also do the same through the local office of Hainan airlines.

Hainan Airlines Change Flight Name

When you have to change flight name then go to the ‘Manage My Bookings’ section and make necessary changes there. Also, you can contact the local office of the airline for the same.

Hainan Airlines Change the Seat

In case you want to change seat in Hainan airline flight you can go to ‘Manage My bookings’ section and you can also contact the local office of Hainan airlines in your city to make seat changes.

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