How can i change my flight on etihad airways

Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy: How to Change a Flight on Etihad

Etihad Airlines is a flag carrier airline company of UAE. This is also the second largest airline of UAE. Etihad Airline is headquartered in Khalifa city, near Abu Dhabi International Airport Etihad operates in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. At present, the airline operates to over 1000 flights per week over 120 passenger and cargo destinations. So, you can also fly with Etihad Airways when you want to your favorite travel destination. 

Steps for Etihad Flight Change:

Now, when you booked your flight ticket you entered all details correctly as per your plan but later on, something may cause to alter your travel plan and you want to change your flight. Question is How do I change my flight on Etihad Airways? Well, you can change your flight through Etihad Airways Reservations Team. However, you may have to pay the Guest service fee in that case. If you booked directly from the website of the airline then you can make flight changes online also. Follow these steps if you are going to change a flight on Etihad Airways:

  • You can go to the ‘Manage My Bookings’ section and you can make changes to your flight details there. Through Modify Booking you are allowed to make changes to existing flight booking.
  • Thus making online changes is also easy. You can simply access the website and make changes. You are always advised to book directly from the airways else there might be difficulties in making changes to your flight or you may have to pay a huge change fee.
  • Click on the modify option over there and select the flight according to your Comfort.

Etihad Airways flight change policy| Fee & Cost:

If you have booked your Etihad Airways flight tickets in advance for your next travel but due to the unforeseen situation you have to postpone or change the plan. Due to that, you want to change your flight, you don’t need to worry about it you are allowed to change your flight.

You cannot only change the flight date and the time, but you can also change the flight destination, name on the ticket, etc. Etihad Airways flight change policy will let you change your flight under the following conditions:

  • If you are changing the flight after 24 hours of the flight booking time (cooling off period) you need to pay the flight change fee.
  • If you are canceling the flight ticket within 24 hours of the flight booking time and also there is a gap of 7 days in departure you can change the flight without Etihad Airways fight change fee.
  • If you are changing the flight within the 7 days of the flight departure you need to pay the flight change fee.

[Note: Etihad Airways flight change cost will be the sum of the fare difference of both the bookings and the flight change fee.]

Etihad Airways Name Change Policy & Correction Policy:

You are allowed to correct your misspelled name anytime and also if your last name changed due to marriage or religion change etc. you can apply for the last name change on your flight ticket with no extra charge but you have to provide the required documents regarding the name change.


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