Turkish Airlines Stopover Program Complete Guide

Turkish Airlines  is a first-rate airline that lets passengers with global Stopover in Istanbul explore the city's charming appeal and culture. During the stopover, travelers can visit iconic landmarks, and With warm hospitality and extraordinary airlines, passengers can bask in Turkish delicacies and maximize their layover experience. 

Discover Istanbul's charms with Turkish Airlines Stopover Program

Whether it's for some hours or a few days, Turkish Airlines Stopover is a perfect way to convert a layover into an enriching adventure in Istanbul. In this blog, we will explore all the terms and conditions of turkish airlines stopover and other related details. So, let us get into the details. 

Terms and Conditions

Before embarking on your journey with Turkish Airlines Stopover, it's essential to understand the terms and conditions related to this provider. These conditions define the suggestions and requirements for eligibility, booking, and what to anticipate at some point during your stopover.
  • Eligibility: Turkish Airlines Stopover is available for each budget and commercial enterprise-class passenger, but positive fare lessons may also have precise regulations. 

  • Duration of Stopover: The maximum length of your stopover largely depends on the destination and routing. Usually, it ranges from 6 hours to three days, allowing you sufficient time to discover the layover town.

  • Available Cities: Turkish Airlines gives stopover services in Istanbul, a colorful and culturally rich city that bridges Europe and Asia. Take benefit of this possibility to explore the particular blend of history and modernity that Istanbul has to provide.

  • Booking Process: To avail of the Stopover service, you need to book your flight directly with Turkish Airlines. During the booking, you can choose to pick out the stopover. Or send your details at least 72 hours before Your Flight.

  • Accommodation: While Turkish Airlines no longer provide complimentary accommodation at some point during your stopover, they do provide memorable quotes in partnership with the chosen hotel

Who is Eligible for Turkish Airlines Stopover?

Turkish Airlines Stopover is open to travelers traveling worldwide and having a layover in Istanbul. Whether on a quick or long-haul flight, you can use this carrier to discover Istanbul's points of interest and subculture.

What will you get in a stopover with Turkish Airlines?

During your stopover with Turkish Airlines, you may get the danger to enjoy the subsequent:
  • Explore Istanbul: Istanbul has a rich history and numerous lifestyles. You can visit iconic places like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.
  • Turkish Airlines City Tours: Turkish Airlines gives complimentary town tours for passengers with Istanbul layovers meeting specific standards.
  • Special Hotel Rates: While Turkish Airlines does not provide free accommodation, they've partnered with various motels to offer passengers distinct quotes throughout their stopovers.
  • Discover Turkish Cuisine: Treat your taste buds to genuine Turkish cuisine at local eating places and eateries. Remember to try well-known dishes like kebabs, baklava, and Turkish pleasure.

How to Book Stopover with Turkish Airlines?

Booking a stopover with Turkish Airlines is a trustworthy procedure. If you are wondering how to book stopover Turkish airlines, there are simple steps that you need to follow: 
  • Visit the Turkish Airlines Website: Go to the Turkish Airline's official website and initiate the flight booking technique.
  • Select Your Destinations: Choose your departure and layover. 
  • Choose Stopover Duration: During the reserving method, you can select the period of your stopover in Istanbul.
  • Explore Hotel Options: Explore the inn options if you require a hotel during your stopover. 
  • Complete the Booking: After deciding on your stopover preferences, complete the flight booking, and you are all set for an interesting stopover. Enjoy Istanbul!


Turkish Airlines Stopover allows you to explore the colorful cities of Istanbul for the duration of your international adventure. Before making plans, study the phrases and conditions, eligibility criteria, and available options for accommodation and town excursions. Embrace the precise blend of records and modernity that Istanbul offers even as participating in Turkish Airlines' renowned hospitality. Happy travels!
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