Etihad Airways Pet Policy How to Travel with Pet

Travel with your pet without any restrictions with an effective Etihad Airways Pet Policy

Traveling is one of the integral parts of human life whether you traveling domestically or internationally. Things change to excitement when you travel via air with your special ones. But sometimes you face difficulties to go somewhere due to the fear or safety of your pet because you can’t leave your pet alone for a little second. Well, there are multiple airlines carrier allowing passengers to travel with their pet and Etihad Airways is one among those. Yes, Etihad Airways a UAE based airlines proffer the facility of traveling with a pet. But there are certain rules and restrictions important to follow before booking your flight for your pet in the Etihad Airways.  

What is Etihad Airways Pet Policy?

The pet policy of Etihad Airways is very simple and easy but very important to know before taking any step in booking. if you are one who doesn’t have any single idea about the Etihad Airways pet policy, then you can very easily know everything that you need to know as per given below:

* Passengers can only carry pet in the cargo cabin or say it is restricted to travel in the main cabin with your pet.

* Ensure that your pet is physically and medically perfect. And also carry the certificate of medical fitness of your pet which is very important to carry during the check-in.

* Falcons can be carried as the checked baggage in the cargo hold without paying any single fee. The quantity of carrying falcons is depended on the cabin class where you are thinking to book your flight ticket.

* Only service animal or household animals are allowed to carry because some bread like pitbull, bulldog, Rottweiler etc is restricted by Etihad Airways.

* Pet carrier should be clean and according to the size prescribed by the Etihad Airways for the passengers. And also keep sure that your pet is smoothly walking inside the cabin.

How to travel with a pet in Etihad Airways?

Do you want to travel with your pet on your upcoming vacation? Then you should need to request regarding this to the Etihad Airways before booking your flight ticket. There are multiple ways to book Etihad Airways and you can follow the below steps to book your flight:

*  You can easily send a request to the Etihad AVI team via email in which your desire date, origin, and destination will be mentioned.

*  After getting your request, the AVI team will send a confirmation with booking details, flight information and air waybill number.

*  If you are not a UAE resident, then you should need to contact with the support team of Etihad Airways which is very supportive and skilled.

If you are still confused regarding the Etihad Airways pet policy, then you can directly communicate with the customer service team of Etihad Airways and avail every information regarding the pet policy. You can also book your flight ticket with a pet after contact with them.

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