How to Select Emirates Seats- Selection Policy and Fee

Passengers with reservations with Emirates can select Seats according to their preferences, but first, check the Emirates Seat Selection Policy. You can choose before you fly with a window view and extra legroom. Passengers can choose according to the ticket of the class, Economy and Business Class.
  • Emirates Economy Class offers different seat options to their passengers, and you can choose from the available options such as Regular Seats, Preferred Seats, Twin seats, and Extra Leg room.
  • Regular Seat offers window seats, middle seats, and the aisle.
  • Preferred economy class seats are at the front of the Aircraft or upper deck of some flights.
  • Passengers can choose twin seat seats which have window seats or aisle seats.
  • You can choose extra legroom seats, which are located at the exit row of the Aircraft.
  • Economy class passengers have to pay an application fee to select seats.
  • If you are traveling with First Class, Flex or Flex Plus, and Premium Economy, no extra will be charged by the Airlines.
  • Passengers traveling in Business Special Fare can select Complimentary seats within 48 hours of departure flight.

How to choose a seat on Emirates Flights? 

If you want to choose your Seat on the emirates plane before 48 hours of Departure of the Flight. There is a small process to choose a seat on Emirates Flights you need to follow:
  • You should visit the official website of Emirates and click on the 'Booking' option, which is available on the Homepage.
  • Enter the required information and click on the 'Search' option.
  • Click on 'Select Seat,' which is mentioned at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the number of Passengers traveling with you and then click next on the net.
  • Select the Seat for each traveler with their name mentioned, and everyone has assigned a seat.

How much does it cost to select a seat with Emirates? 

Emirates Economy Class price ranges Seat Selection depends on the season, routes, and destination passengers have chosen. You need to pay Emirates seat selection fees in Economy Class.
  • Regular Seats: Between 15 USD and 40 USD.
  • Preferred Seats: Between 25 USD and 100 USD.
  • Twin Seats: Between 35 USD and 135 USD.
  • Extra Legroom: 55 USD and 250 USD.

How do you select seats on Emirates for free?

Passengers with reservations in Business Class Saver, Flex or Flex Fare Plus, and Premium Economy can get free seat Selection on Emirates. If You have Economy Class tickets, travelers must pay according to the selection of season, routes, and Destinations.

Which seats are best in the Emirates economy? 

You can take preferred seats and twin Seats if they are traveling in Economy class, as it is at the front of the Aircraft. Twin seats are a good option; no stranger will sit next to you if you travel in pairs.

Types of Seats Offered by Emirates For Seat Selection

Using the seat selection tool of Emirates, the customers are offered an option to select seats per their requirements, like whether the passenger wishes to be seated at the front or back. Besides, the customers can also select a free seat from check-in until 48 hours before departure.  
Further, these are the few seating options offered by Emirates: 
  • Regular: They are the standard seats offered in economy class for ultimate comfort.
  • Twin: Seats in a row comprising only window and aisle seats. 
  • Preferred: It is a seat closer to the front of the plane, allowing the passenger to deboard the flight quickly.
  • Extra Legroom: These seats offer extra space to the passengers and are located at the exit row.
Besides the stated seating options, the customers are also offered lower deck and upper deck seats. 
Further, for the passengers worried about the seat selection service charges, here are the complete details on the Emirates seat selection fee. 

Find Useful Seat Selection Faqs

Would I need to pay for seat selection for infants and children?

Emirates always proffers a reliable policy. If any passenger travels with infants in the same booking, there is no seat selection charge on all regular and adjacent seats. If children travel with adults and want to select their preferred seats before online check-in, they will be entitled to a 50% discount on their preferred seats.

Do I have to pay any fees to select a seat on Emirates?

You will not need to pay for seat selection if you travel in First Class, Business Class on a Saver, and Flex Plus fare.
  • If you're traveling, class is Economy Class on a Flex Plus fare, and then you can very quickly select a regular or a preferred seat with the help of Emirate Manage Booking without any extra charges.
  • You can also wait until the online check-in opens 48 hours before the Flight's scheduled departure and select a seat of your choice without any fee.

Do I have to pay for seat selection if I need special assistance?

Charges for seat selection are applicable before online check-in begins for passengers who need special assistance. If you don't choose your Seat and pay for your Seat before online check-in begins, Emirates Seat Selection automatically assigns a suitable seat free of charge.
This special assistance for:
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Who needs medical clearance like passengers traveling on stretchers?
  • Who are deaf, blind, or dumb.

Will I have to pay to select my seats on codeshare flights?

Seat selection charges are only applicable to Emirates for passengers traveling in Economy class to flights operated by Emirates airlines. If you are traveling with the codeshare partner airlines of Emirates, you can check the charges with the partner airlines.

Am I eligible to purchase extra legroom?

If you want to purchase extra legroom on Emirates, then you will have to meet the below eligibility criteria:
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age or older.
  • Will be able to communicate and understand English instructions.
  • Not be traveling with infants and children.
  • Will be able and willing to assist the crew and other passengers.
  • Seats with extra legroom may be re-assigned before or during the journey without refund if a passenger fails to meet any above-listed criteria.

Check Out the Emirates Advance Seat Selection Policy For Economy Class

Have you booked your reservations with Emirates Airlines and don't know how to select preferred seats for your reservations? You don't need to fret; you can easily select seats for your reservations by opting for the advance seat selection option.
However, for Emirates Advance Seat Selection, the passenger must abide by specific terms and conditions provided by the airline. So, for the passengers willing to select seats for their economy reservations, here are some significant pointers that one needs to remember. 

Conditions For Selecting Seats in Advance:

  • The seat selection option depended on the availability when the request was made. 
  • Further, this service is only available when booking or after ticket purchase. 
  • The seat selection option might only be available for some seats for security and operational reasons. 
  • Children traveling without unaccompanied adults are not offered an option of advance seat selection. 
  • Passengers who have special seating requirements are suggested to contact the airline in advance to find a suitable seat. 
  • Also, advance seat selection charges, once paid, are not refundable. 
  • Besides, the advance seat selection option for Economy class flight tickets might vary with Seat and fare type. So, to help passengers get a clear picture, here are the details about the Emirates advance seat selection option for economy class. 

Seat Selection For Regular Seats:

  • Economy flex and Economy flex plus fares are offered with an option to select seats in advance at the time of booking or after ticket purchase. 
  • However, the Economy special and savers fares are offered with the service at check-in 48 hours before the departure, with additional charges.  

Seat Selection For Preferred Seats:

  • The advance seat selection option at the purchase and after purchase is only provided to Economy flex plus fares. 
  • Besides, the seat selection option is provided at check-in time with charges for Economy unique, saver, and flex fares.

Seat Selection for Twin Seats and Extra Legroom Seats: 

  • Advance seat selection for twin seats is available at check-in only for all economy fares with additional charges.
  • And for extra legroom seats, the advance seat selection is available up to six hours before the Flight's departure. 
Further, the Advance Seat Selection Charges are:
  • Per passenger and segment
  • Non-transferable
  • It can be changed depending on the exchange rate.
  • Subject to other limitations and refund conditions
  • Besides, passengers with changes and refunds related to Emirates advance seat selection can quickly contact the airline's reservation center for complete information and manage their itinerary. 

Why is seat selection not available on Emirates?

It is possible to choose the Seat of your choice with Emirates due to circumstances and other Terms and conditions; staff may need to change your Seat before departure or on the Flight. If you have already paid for seat Selection, Airline will refund you with their Terms and conditions. 

Can I choose my seat on Emirates Economy?

Yes, an individual can choose the seat on their Emirates flight if they are flying on the Economy class. There might be seat selection charges depending on the fare type and the seat you would like to get assigned. You can choose the seat when reserving the economy seat with Emirates and after the reservation has been made. The Manage Booking window on the official site helps you pick a seat. 

How to get the best seats on Emirates?

If you are hoping to get the best seats on the Emirates flight for your upcoming journey, reserve your ticket a few months in advance and add the seat you would like to be assigned. The earlier you select a seat, the more options you will get. So, make the advance reservation, choose the seat you like, and get yourself the best seat on your flight to Emirates. 

Does Emirates let you choose seats for free?

Some travelers are allowed to choose seats for free on their Emirates flights; the applicable conditions for the same are as follows:
  • The higher class flyers receive a complimentary option with their ticket to choose a seat of their choice.
  • The Emirates Skywards members are also allowed to get their preferred seat on the flight at no cost. 
  • A preferred seat can be requested for free on the Emirates flight during Airport check-in. 

Do Emirates seat you together?

Emirates only promises to seat you together on the flight if you complete the advanced selection process. The airline aims to provide comfort to its customers and tries to assign seats to family members. Still, it is not always possible, as some travelers select seats in advance, and depending on the unassigned seats on the flight till check-in, you might get a chance to sit with your flying partner. 

Does Emirates automatically assign seats?

If you skip the advanced selection process, emirates do not promise to seat you together on the flight. The airline aims to provide comfort to its customers and tries to assign seats to family members. Still, it is only sometimes possible, as some travelers select seats in advance, and depending on the unassigned seats on the flight till check-in, you might get a chance to sit with your flying partner. 

Is Emirates preferred seat worth it?

If you would like to be seated at the front of the plane and be the first to disembark from the flight at the time of landing, choose a preferred seat on an Emirates flight. These seats are also more spacious and comfortable than regular seats on the flight. 
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