What Airlines Has the Cheapest Business Class? (Top 7)

Flying Business Class is an expensive venture and still a dream to many. However, the following airlines with affordable business class approach the passengers impeccably with astounding prices and shocking in-flight services for them to enjoy both luxury and comfort:

Top 7 airlines with cheapest business class

A few airlines are regularly a better bet for the cheapest flights in business class. Keeping in mind that "business class" norms can differ decisively, the most minimal expense doesn't generally mean the most negligible advantages. Anyway, "Which airline offers the cheapest business class flights" Some measures on specific routes beneath the mentioned airlines usually are worth investigating: 

1. Aer Lingus

Flying over the horizons of the Atlantic, Aer Lingus flies to spread routes for afar networks and to take their passengers along to multiple destinations with the ease of Business Class. The Business Class booking price range starts from $1,500 for a return flight from Europe to the East Coast and $1,800 for a return if flying to the West Coast. Aer Lingus invites passengers to place a bid for their business class seats to incur a profitable trade for the seats. However, the bidding process is similar to the original booking fare of Aer Lingus. 

2. Aeromexico

Aero Mexico is a traditional airline traveling to and forth from the Mexico City airport as its hub. The Business Class cabins are quite small yet impressive when discussing the services you get along with your Business Class reservations. The airline flies passengers to São Paulo or Santiago on their 787 Dreamliner Business Class seats with lie-flat beds. The seats are multi-purpose, and the receiving angle impresses passengers for long-haul flights. A one-way Business Class flight at Aeromexico starts from a minimum flight fare of USD 60 for every passenger, excluding children. 

3. Emirates

Shocked upon seeing the name here? Don't startle yourself! Emirates may be a traditional airline and surely doesn't require to lower the prices to gain their customer's trust. However, the airline still believes in providing the most cost-efficient airline services. The demand for Emirates Business Class is rapidly increasing for the very same reason. The online booking platforms and available customer support to reach Emirates for a Business Class reservation and upgrade are very popular among the passengers for cheaper price deals.

4. Turkish Airlines

The special 2-3-2 seating arrangement in Turkish Airlines Business Class cabins is kind of thronged to see. However, it keeps the comfort and extra legroom available with every seat placed as a part of the arrangement. The equipment, such as the adjustable headrest and noise-cancellation headphones, may give it the icing you require. Passengers can bag a feasible deal on all Business Class tickets they book on a Turkish aircraft between the Middle East and Europe to the U.S. or from Europe to Asia. The ticket fare limit onsets at USD 900 for a Business Class seat. 

5. British Airways

The airline approves business-class reservations at such low-cost fares that you'll be shocked to know you can also fly British Business Class at this price. When the other traditional airlines offer the priciest business class, British Airways sticks to the agenda of providing cheap prices for their in-flight services.  

6. Icelandair

The list of competitive airlines with the cheapest business class also includes Icelandair for the minimum flight fare they have decided on a Business Class booking. The facilities Icelandair provides may need to be more worthy as per the standards of Business Class. Still, the price you pay against the purchase is suitable for the arrangement. The domestic flight services you get against a business class reservation can detach your mind from the idea, but the affordable price might suit your purpose. 

7. TAP Portugal

The new generation A330-900neos are equipped with Business Class on the routes between the U.S. and Europe. With USD 650 as the minimum reservation fare, you can get the lie-flat beds only when booking business class. For all the bookings at TAP Portugal of flights between Europe and Miami, New York, or San Francisco routes, passengers can grab great price deals if they contact customer support for seat upgrades. 

Tips to book Cheap Business Class tickets

You can follow some tips and tricks that can help you buy a business-class flight at affordable prices.
  1. Correct timings: Timings are one of the most important factors that help get you the cheapest business class tickets on any flight. Generally, you should make your bookings on weekdays rather than on weekends. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are advised to be the cheapest days. And Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are as costly as demand is high on these days.

  2. Expert help: An expert can also help you make a business class booking at cheaper rates. You need to make a phone call to your airline customer service. This way, an expert will help you in doing so.

  3. Alternative Airlines: You can also find any alternative flight to your destination. You can compare the rates of the business class and its services. 

  4. Last Minute Flights: You can advantageously book a business class ticket at the last minute at cheaper rates. You need to set an alert, grab the right opportunity, and hit the booking button.

  5. Use an Airline credit card: If you use airline-issued credit cards, you will bag some perks that will help you book a business ticket at cheaper rates.

  6. Plan a few days before: You are advised to be planned, not random, if you are willing to book a flight at cheaper rates. You can hold the tickets too.

Are business class tickets worth buying?

Yes, business class tickets are worth buying as this class is made to give passengers a much better, enjoyable experience. It has luxurious facilities so you must try it out.

How much is a business class ticket usually? 

Well, it depends from airline to airline as the services differ in quality and quantity, but in general, the ticket ranges from US$3,000 to US$5,000


Business class in many airlines is provided to customers on the priority list, or they can also purchase the same using the Miles or other points used by the respective airline. You can also request the same during online Check-in or at the kiosk of the airport. This way, you can get the best quality services an airline provides at a very cheap price. Business class may be a luxury to many, but it can be a daily venture for you.

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