Top 5 Airlines to Fly to New Zealand from Anywhere

There are various airlines that fly to New Zealand. Famous and known for its nice inhabitants, intriguing culture, and delectable cuisine and wine, you can visit the country and enjoy a vacation there. The country has something or other for every age group. Details of the top 5 airlines which you can opt to travel to New Zealand are as follows:  
  1. Emirates Airlines: It is a UAE-based airline with direct flights to New Zealand. The average ticket cost on Emirates is from $4000 to $ 7000. You can opt to travel with the airline and enjoy its exclusive services as it is listed in the luxurious and famous list of airlines. Emirates offers direct ad flights with stops in New Zealand. 

  2. United Airlines: Based in Illinois, United Airlines is listed as one of the top-class airlines, famously known to provide some good quality products and services to its customers. You can go through the airline for help by looking through them for the booking to New Zealand. United Airlines is very famous and well-known for its service. Therefore, you can plan your travel with the airline. 

  3. Air New Zealand- The best airlines to fly to New Zealand and regarded as the country's Flag carrier is Air New Zealand. The airline is a member of the Group Star Alliance and has various welfare for its customers with their booking. The ticket for this costs from $400 to $8000. Book your tickets with the airline and plan the trip to New Zealand to spend a vacation well. 

  4. Delta Airlines: A four-star certified airline, Delta Airlines has direct and layover flights to New Zealand. Travel with Delta flights and avail of their exclusive services and facilities. You can travel comfortably with Delta flights as they offer great seating and other services. The average ticket cost shall range from $1500 to $3000 in the basic economy class. 

  5. American Airlines: An airline with its main hub at Dallas Airport, American Airlines is one of the famous US-based airlines with various perks and benefits to offer its customers. The average cost to fly with the airline starts from $2000 and accordingly increases as per various factors. Book on this airline and enjoy the trip. 

Which is the best airline to fly to New Zealand?

The best airline to fly to New Zealand is its carrier airline, Air New Zealand. Known for its Ergonomic seats, choice of seating, and extra leg space, Air New Zealand is a luxurious airline through which you can fly to the country. It flies to more than 50 destinations in around 20 countries. The airline is a four-star certified company that flies directly to New Zealand with zero stops and is famous for its service quality, may it be online service or the service from Air New Zealand’s customer service. 

Which airline flies direct to New Zealand? 

The list of airlines that directly fly to New Zealand is given below. If you are planning a vacation to the country, then you can make the travel bookings with the given airlines: 
  1. American Airlines

  2. Air New Zealand

  3. United Airlines

  4. Delta Airlines

  5. Fiji Airways

  6. Qantas

  7. Emirates

  8. Singapore Airlines.

The given list shall help you learn about what airlines fly to New Zealand. You can review the fares of different flights and then book the tickets accordingly. Choose wisely so that you can get a comfortable and smooth travel experience. 

What is the best airport to fly into New Zealand from the USA? 

Auckland Airport is the international airport where you can fly into New Zealand. All the major airline serves this airport and has their arrival destination in New Zealand at Auckland Airport. Thus, book your tickets to Auckland Airport and visit the country for your vacation. 

Why are plane tickets to New Zealand so expensive? 

Since the pandemic hit, the travel industry has become the prone area that has been badly hurt. It has resulted in air traffic, and a huge increase in the plane tickers has been seen henceforth. The cost of tickets is rising due to multiple factors, such as fuel prices, high travel demand, shortage of aircraft, inflation, and various other factors. 

Final words:

New Zealand is an Island country with two land masses, a North Island and a South Island. Located in the Southwestern of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is famous for its vibrant landscapes and enthralling beauty. You can use the above information to plan a trip well, and hence, you can enjoy the same. For more details about it, you can contact the website. 

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