Asiana Airlines Flight Change Policy & Fee: Here's What to Do

Suppose you are making any modifications to your flight with Asiana Airlines. In that case, you must know the Asiana airlines flight change policy to avoid any additional fare charged by the airline because there are instances when you are not eligible under the policy. You are not permitted to make any changes. So, you are requested to look at the policy and its essential points, which will help you in all the possible ways:
  • If you have reserved a ticket from any third party, you cannot change it directly by reaching out to the airline; instead, you must connect with the same agency that booked your ticket. 
  • If you change a flight, the passengers will only incur a difference in fare. 
  • If you want to upgrade your seats, your miles will be deducted from your Asiana Club Mileage. Though, if you have discounted tickets of more than 50%, free tickets, tickets with no permission to upgrade, etc., you cannot make changes to their flight.
  • The airline will charge an additional fare if you upgrade your seats and a present fare is higher than the previous one. 

How to change Asiana Airlines flight? 

If you want to change your Asiana Airlines flight due to some reason, for example, poor weather, illness, etc., then follow the steps:
  • Visit the official website of Asiana Airlines. 
  • Tap on My Bookings to continue with the process. 
  • Then you have to enter all the asked details, for example, booking reference number, name, etc. 
  • Then choose your flight, and tap on the option to change the flight. 
  • Choose your preferred day and time and hit submit. (you may be asked to pay the additional fare if the flight you changed carries a higher cost than the previous one.)
Editor Tips: If you can not change your Asiana Airlines flight online, you can call customer service at +1-800-227-4262 to modify your flight tickets, date, destinations, name, and more.

How much is the fee to change an Asiana flight?

There are different costs charged by the airline; for example, if you change your flight from your nearby reservation center, airport branch, or city branch, the fees are changed by the passengers based on the currency of a particular ticketing region. You are requested to look at the fares charged in different currencies:USD 30 / JPY 3,300 / CNY 200 / GBP 30, etc.

Can I change the flight date on Asiana Airlines?

You are allowed to change flight dates on Asiana Airlines, and as per the airline's policy, it requires at least 2 days to process a request. And You can change the dates based on the availability of the flight. So, you are advised to check it on the airline's official website. 

How many times can I change my Asiana airlines flight for free?

Suppose you want to make modifications to your flight ticket on Asiana Airlines and you want to know how many times you can upgrade your flight for free; you are suggested to read out the points mentioned below, which will assist you in all the possible ways:
  • The airline allows passengers to make modifications within 24 hours of the booking and charges no additional fare. 
  • Suppose any flight modifications are made after 24 hours. In that case, you have to incur additional fare to the airline as the airline prescribes. (the price range may vary from time to time, so you are advised to reach out to the customer executive for updates.)
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Customer Review

    • James R. West
    • 2019-08-05 06:15:34
    • I have a booking With Asiana Airlines, How can i get in touch with you for Asiana Airlines Flight Change? i want to change my flight due to some sudden changes in my plan.
    • Richard C. Powell
    • 2019-08-07 06:37:37
    • I have an Asiana Flight to Seoul, I want to Change the Date of my Asiana Airlines Reservations, How much does it cost to Change name on Asiana Tickets?
    • Malcolm A. Garrick
    • 2019-08-10 10:24:21
    • Good Morning, I have a query to ask I have a flight to Panam City Tomorrow the Flight number is Asiana Airlines OZ 9453 and timing is 09:05 pm but I want to Change my Flight and want to Take another flight that is Asiana Airlines OZ 9455 timing for this is 11:45 pm. how can i change my flight or is there any Change fee According to your Asiana Airlines Flight Change Policy?
    • Daniel K. Agostini
    • 2019-08-12 12:45:47
    • My flight To Los Angels on date 27 August, which I want to change, as I read above Asiana Flight Change fee, so it is right that I need to pay Change Fee. or Not?
    • sonu
    • 2019-07-31 04:29:04
    • I have booked a flight ticket on Sunday 21st of July but I need to change my flight ticket date from 27th July to 5th August. So please help me out to know about how much does it cost to change a flight ticket date in Asiana airlines.
    • John A. Ross
    • 2019-08-09 06:56:48
    • My flight to Los Angeles for 3 people I want an early morning flight. How much change fee I need to pay for that?
    • Rak
    • 2019-09-30 05:07:55
    • I booked Asiana as a guest user, later I created account how can I link my booking to my userid? I am not getting any option to reschedule flight Please help.
    • Marilyn Saludares
    • 2020-03-23 10:27:06
    • I would like to rebook my ticket for NY on May 2,2020. I am supposed to fly on April 2,2020 but flights are suspended due to this corona virus pandemic. My ticket number is9882479270538 & my flight number is 0Z224. Hoping for your kind consideration regarding this request. Thank you.
    • Abigailaquino
    • 2020-04-07 04:17:54
    • Pls how can I change my flight on April 16 to 7
    • Rafael Carandang
    • 2020-04-27 06:26:26
    • Can you send the link to the official website of asiana where I can rebook online
    • Mary Grace Olaya
    • 2020-06-22 06:17:38
    • Hi can u help us to change the date flight of my son. His ticket will expire this June 30, 2020 the reason is not safe to travel due to Covid. And change the date to November in any date. Thanks. Hope to hear you soon.
    • Maria Gagni
    • 2020-11-16 04:49:51
    • Our flight #OZ701 scheduled Sept 17, 2020-Oct 2,2020 was cancelled due to no operation. Is it possible that we will just keep it open until this Pandemic is over? Please we need your immediate response regarding this matter. thank you.

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