American Airlines Seat Selection Process

How do I pick my seat on American Airlines: American Airlines Seat Selection-

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the USA and hence anybody traveling to the USA can easily book flight tickets in American Airlines. Being the largest airline in the entire world, American Airlines gives its passengers access to choose their own seats. Every passenger wants to travel comfortably on the seat of his/her own preference and hence wants to utilize the amount paid in lieu of the ticket. Therefore if you want you can easily book flight tickets in American Airlines and choose your own seats. To know more about American Airline seat selection one can refer to the below points.

Steps to choose seats in American Airlines:

  • Navigate to the official website of American Airline
  • Tap on my bookings or manage bookings
  • Once the page opens click on the seat selection option
  • Now follow further instructions to pick your own seats and you are done

Once you know about American Airline seat selection steps, there are certain seat types that passengers need to know before choosing seats. To know about those seats refer to the below points.

Types of Seat Assignment on American Airlines:

  • Main cabin extra:  As the word suggests, this kind of seats usually have extra legroom hence one can easily expand their legs and sit properly. Moreover, you will have enough space to stretch legs and change your sitting posture. These kinds of seats are available in the economy and you have to pay an extra amount.
  • Preferred seats:   Preferred seats don’t have any extra legroom but are located in preferred corners of the plane where customers would love to sit. This can be a window seat or near main door etc.
  • Elite or full-fare seats: Going by the name, Elite or full-fare seats are those kinds of seats that are usually made for people who belong to elite or VIP class. These seats are although present in the economy only but still they won’t appear online while booking seats if you haven’t registered for it. Also, these tickets are quite expensive that’s why not everyone can afford it.
  • Standard seats:  Standard seats are kind of seats that are not like the elite or preferred class. Rather they are actually simple seats that you will find in the common places like in the middle of the plane. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a heavy amount for all these seats.

Therefore above seats are the most common seats that you will find while doing American airline seat selection. In case of any further information or doubt, you can reach the American Airlines Reservations number.

Seat Selection Fee On American Airlines:

The American Airlines seat selection fee may vary from $9-$31 that will depend on the seat selection type. If you are not able to make online seat selection that you can contact the reservation center of American Airliners that is available for 24*7 and get a consultation from the professionals.

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