Do Airlines Offer Discounts for Group Bookings?

Yes, most airlines offer discounts for group bookings, and this is because airlines sell tickets for more than 10 people on a single booking. These discounts include low fares, extra luggage allowance, vouchers or travel coupons, etc. Sometimes, on top airlines, discounts can include adding one passenger without paying charges, flexible terms & conditions, etc. It happens often when a customer wants to travel due to family functions, business meetups with colleagues, vacations with friends, etc., so airlines provide discounts to make travel easier and hassle-free. 

How many people do you need to get a group discount on flights?

If you want special rates or group flight booking discounts, there must be at least ten more passengers. However, if the number of travelers is less than 10, the airlines will not allow them to make group bookings. The discount option on group bookings will appear when you book using the airline's official website and confirm the payments. 

How to save big on Group flight booking?

Suppose you are traveling to any selected destination with your family or friends, and making flight bookings separately for them is annoying. To make that easy, airlines provide the group booking option. Group booking will not only help you save time and effort but there are also available ways to save money or get benefits. 

  1. Booking: Making the reservation well in advance is always beneficial and the easiest option to save money on group bookings. The reservation starts well before 10 to 11 months of the departure date, so you must make the booking request at that time. As the departure date comes closer automatically, the flights' fares rise. 

  2. Participate in the flyer program: You can also participate in the flyer program of the airlines as a member of that program will get plenty of benefits on group reservations such as preferred seating options, extra luggage allowance without fee, gift vouchers, modification in bookings without charges, etc. 

  3. Military service members: Travelers serving in the military or other armed forces will get a discount on group bookings no matter whether the group has 25 members or ten members; the airlines provide the discounted fare. This discount can be up to 10 to 20 percent depending upon the destination or class of bookings. 

  4. Travel in the off-season: In the off-season, flight fares are low, and when you make group bookings in that low season of the destination, you can easily save money or get discounts. The low season of every destination varies according to the weather.

How far in advance should I book a group flight?

Each airline has its own booking instructions, but generally, if you make the bookings at least 05 to 06 months before the departure date, you can easily avail of the discounts. As early as you make the group booking request, the chances are higher that the airlines will accept your group booking quotation. If the airline takes your group booking quotation, then you will get the option to make the seat selection or the airline will give together seats to the group. If you delay the bookings, getting seats together is hard, or airlines can cancel your quotation. 

With the help of the above information, you will know about How to get deals on group booking flights and still, if you want any other information or if your query remains unsolved, then you can also reach to the customer service team of the airlines or you can also approach to the airline's official website. 

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