Top Things to do in Ontario - Best Tourist Attractions

Ontario is Canada's most populated region; it is all big cities, even bigger outdoorsy thrills in Ontario; this is one of the few places on the globe that offers such an amazing mix of city glamour, natural splendors, and top-notch museums, and amazing world-class wineries. So you can Checkout the top Things to do In Ontario, and it is a region where you will find the slogan -YOURS TO DISCOVER on every license plate. 

13 Top attractions or Top sights in Ontario

  1. Toronto's CN Tower
  2. UNESCO Rideau Canal
  3. Art Gallery of Ontario
  4. Centreville Amusement Park 
  5. Ontario’s wine routes
  6. Algonquin Provincial Park
  7. Royal Ontario Museum
  8. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
  9. Niagara Falls
  10. Parliament Hill and Buildings
  11. Toronto Island Park
  12. Lake Ontario
  13. Peller Estates Winery

Toronto's CN Tower

It is the tallest structure in America and Top sights in Ontario; it is the third-largest freestanding structure in the world at 553.33 meters high. It is classified as the seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society. There are also three dining spaces that are the coolest thing and revolve around the restaurant 360, which also has a huge European style. 

While the skypod's higher Lookout level offers you cracking views, the edge walk takes things to another level. It is Toronto's most amazing urban attraction, where you can take a hands-free walk on the 150 meter long and 1.5 meters wide. 

Best suitable time to visit: The Best Time to visit the CN tower is in the early morning between 9 to 11 am to avoid the crowd or in the evening after 5 pm. 

How to reach: The visitor can reach CN tower by bus or train from Toronto Pearson International Airport to CN Tower. 

Average travel cost: the average cost for entry is all-around CAD 53(2971.06 INR) for adults

UNESCO Rideau Canal

It is all twist and twirls; this iconic waterway turns into the largest naturally frozen ice rink in the winter. The nearly five miles long skating rink starts from Canada's parliament building, and it extended to Dow's lake, as you visit there. Keep your eyes peeled for the heated log cabins of skateway's where one can stop to tie the laces; equally worthy of your attention are the food courts, selling hot chocolates, hot dogs, and extraordinary beverages. There is also a picnic table available at every point along the way. 

Best suitable time to visit: The best suitable time to visit in the month of January, it is Open 24-hours a day between January to February

How to reach: you can easily reach there by taking a boat or a countryside traveling bus. 

Average travel cost: average travel cost for 1 Day is around $ 1,64

Art Gallery of Ontario

When you visit the Art gallery of Ontario, then you must see Peter Paul Rubens, which is the 17th-century masterpiece, The Massacre of The Innocents. For more fun and amazing kick do not miss out the Superreal, Pop Art; this is the best ongoing exhibition in gallery 129 has three of the AGO'S most important art pieces that are Andy Warhol's Elvis I and II, Claes Oldenburg's Floor Burger, and Robert Rauschenberg's Story. 

Best time to visit: Best time to visit there is from 1 pm - 2 pm. 48.79% of people start their Art Gallery Of Ontario at that time. 

How to reach: You can reach there by bus or car.

Average travel cost: Average cost to travel there is $35. 

Centreville Amusement Park

Centreville Amusement Park is a crowded amusement park pleasing to the eye and a mix of kid-size theme park thrills and Top sights in Ontario with urban farm fun. Centreville Amusement Park offers 30 to 40 rides and attractions for the age group of 3-8 children. And the mini-golf facility, bumper boats, etc.; once you have enjoyed the park, stroll over the farm on the southeast corner of the island. There you will enjoy and hang out with more than 40 species of animals. 

Best time to visit: Best time to visit is all through September, May, early June, and September to avoid the heat and the crowd.

How to reach: GO Train to Union Station.

Average travel cost: It costs around £13 for 25 tickets

Ontario's wine routes 

It is the best place you want to visit to seek out the wineries. It customized your trip with wine country Ontario's handy route planner. Its pristine selection of huge estate, medium-size operations, and small boutique wineries gets all the glory. It has tasting rooms where one can sample rare vintage and the special reserved for the new releases batch. 

Best suitable time to visit: the Best Time to visit there is in the late summer and early fall time. 

How to get over there: you can get there by public transport or by car.

Average travel cost: the average travel cost as go as high as $300

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is for those who knee to get back to nature; this is a sprawling playground with a sublime landscape of the maple hills, rocky edges, valleys, rocky bluffs, forests, and the deep clear lakes. There are different activities available, like biking, dog sledding, fishing, and cross country skiing. There are more than 130 types of breeding birds as well as wolves, bears, moose, hares, moles, foxes, etc. day time only allowed from 7 am to 10 pm. 

Best time to visit: best time to visit there is between mid-September and mid-October 

How to reach: by Canoe and Portage or by one of the backpacking trails.

Average travel cost: the average cost to travel to Algonquin Provincial Park is $111.87

Royal Ontario Museum

Nowadays, it is the Canadian Largest Museum with six million artifacts in the collection and 40 galleries dedicated to the natural history of culture. On arrival, it is impossible to avoid the polish American Architect glass and the aluminum-clad extension wing that gives original heritage to that Building. When you visit the Royal Ontario Museum, you must see the Egyptian Coffin of the Djedmaatesankh mummy dating back to around 850 BC. 

Best time to visit: Best time to visit is n the month of May to September

How to reach: One can easily go there by bus 

Average travel cost: the average cost for Royal Ontario Museum is CAD 20 for adults and for CAD 14 for children (4-14)

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

Suitable Time To Visit

May to September can be a suitable time to pay a visit to this place. However, Ontario experiences a chilling winter, so you might want to avoid exploring Ripley's Aquarium in the winter season.

Option To Reach

One can easily find a public transit- TTC Subway, Streetcar, or Train/Bus to access the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

Average Travel Cost

The ticket price to enter the aquarium differs based on the age group; $31 is charged for children of 3 to 5 years of age, and for children between the age group of 6 to 13, the applicable charges are around $20.

Niagara Falls 

Suitable Time To Visit

The best possible time to visit Niagara Falls is between June and August, as summer is the peak season. The mystical charm of the place becomes even more authentic and elegant during these times of the year.

Option To Reach

Buffalo Niagara International Airport is just a 45-minute drive away if you want to know the shortest possible distance. From the airport, one can easily find public transportation to cover the distance.

Average Travel Cost

The average travel cost to expect if you visit Niagara Falls is around $1300 for a solo traveler visiting for a week, around $2300 for a couple, and around $4400 if you are traveling with your family.

Parliament Hill and Buildings

Suitable Time To Visit

One can enjoy the guided tours through the corridors and gardens of Parliament Hills and Buildings anytime in summer. After COVID outbreak restrictions, the grounds are now open to welcome tourists.

Option To Reach

A tourist is most likely to find public transit, including bus and train services, to cover the distances and reach Parliament Hills and Buildings.

Average Travel Cost

The best thing about planning a visit to Parliament Hills and Buildings is that the tickets to roam around the place are free. Taking a tour guide with you is also free.

Toronto Island Park

Suitable Time To Visit

It is advisable to consider visiting between June and August to witness Toronto Island Park's natural flavors. Blooming is at its best during these times, making the place tranquil and isolated for travelers looking for peace. 

Option To Reach

Toronto Island Park is located amidst the sparkling beauty of Lake Ontario. One can take a 13-minutes ferry ride from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to reach the park.

Average Travel Cost

Individual tickets at Toronto Island Park vary between $4-10 depending on the age group you belong to.

Lake Ontario

Suitable Time To Visit

The lake stays operational only between May and October; also, early autumn can be your best bet! Ontario awaits your presence, so book your ticket now and enjoy your autumn in the blooming beauty.

Option To Reach

The best way to reach Lake Ontario is to reach any of the mentioned nearest stations- Queens Quay West at Harbourfront Centre, Bay St at Queens Quay West North Side, and Bay St At Harbor St South Side as these stations are just a few walks away from Lake Ontario.

Average Travel Cost

Taking a tour in Lake Ontario, including the travel expenses, can cost you around $100-150. But, be open-minded about the expenses as they may vary on the activities you indulge in.

Peller Estates Winery

Suitable Time To Visit

Late summer or early fall can be your best option to visit the Peller Estates Winery, as these are the times when the winery is aflutter with freshly weighed down grapes. However, you must visit this place if you want to explore the authentic taste of freshly extracted wines. 

Option To Reach

You can take public transportation to cover the distance and reach the Peller Estates winery. Also, if feasible, contact the winery to get a clear direction.

Average Travel Cost

Being of the finest vineyard in Canada, expense at Peller Estates Winery depends on the type of wine you are tasting. Still, generally, it costs around $20-40 per person for a 35 minutes wine tasting.

Summertime is full of amazing things in Ontario, with places across the region which are offering a unique environment, history, and different characters for travelers and locals to discover the territory. You can also try new activities there, no matter what thing you choose to do in Ontario; there are more than a hundred fun activities you can do and add to your bucket list as well. 

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