Best Things to Do in Las Vegas and Other Top Sights

Las Vegas is known as one of the most populated cities in the United States. The city has several exciting things to offer, like resorts and other entertaining activities like gambling, fine dining, and shopping. When in Las Vegas, one must experience the liveliness of the nightlife of the city. The city is highly praised as the Entertainment Capital of the world as it is filled with joyous destinations worth visiting a lifetime.

If you want to give a real change to your mundane life, then start looking for a cheap flight for your next vacation in Las Vegas. Generally, if you want to make a reservation, then consider purchasing a ticket from March to May. In this things to do guide, you will get a list of things to do in Las Vegas so that you can have a memorable weekend. 

Top Attractions and Best Things to do in Las Vegas

If you are taking a break from your slow and uneventful life and want to have amazing experiences worth remembering for a lifetime, then consider visiting Las Vegas. The city is embellished with neon lights and makes you feel lively and special by treating you with the best! So, if you are looking for top attractions of Las Vegas, then keep reading the article:

  1. The Strip
  2. Fremont Street Experience
  3. Helicopter rides over Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon
  4. Venetian Hotel
  5. Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower
  6. Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show
  7. Hoover Dam
  8. Stratosphere Tower
  9. Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

The Strip

The Strip is endowed with huge entertainment palaces built with a hint of modern architecture and defining theme. One can easily find a luxurious hotel room for their accommodation, and fine dining is available to devour your taste buds with some exotic delicacies. This place is counted as one of the top sights in Las Vegas, so if you are in Las Vegas, then take a stroll in the Strip and enjoy the shimmering beauty of this place.

Best Time to Visit: You can visit this place around March and May as the place stages several live performances during this time of the year.

How to Reach: If you are looking for methods to reach the place, then you can take a monorail to reach the Strip. You can take a sharing taxi or drive yourself to the place without having to face any trouble and any inconvenience.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street is a pedestrian mall and can be called a never-ending feast for your eyes. The place is endowed with several unique destinations to spend your weekend on Every night, this place experiences a great deal of entertainments acts- street performances and all-night-long music concerts.

Best Time to Visit: If you want to visit this place, you should know that the street is a part of Las Vegas downtown and is nearly kilometers away from the Strip. A tourist can witness the 6 minutes light show if they reach the spot around 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

How to Reach: It is always advisable to go via a taxi or, if you want to get involved in the nightlife, then you can hire a Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Night Flight ride.

Helicopter rides over Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon

One of the must things to do in Las Vegas is to take a helicopter ride over the city and even the Grand Canyon. Several tour companies provide helicopter tours for visitors.  So, if you are in the town for a limited time, then you must take this ride and get a chance to capture the city with your eyes.

The ride takes about three hours but will cover almost all the scenic parts of Las Vegas, including the Strip, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the West Rim area. 

Best Time Visit: If you want to take the ride, then make sure that you take the morning flight. You will have to reach the heliport from where you will be onboarded for the ride.

Venetian Hotel

The hotel is located on Strip street, right across from Treasure Island. This place is known to provide the finest resort options to visitors. Venetian Hotel is designed to resonate with the beauty of Venice and has several recreational places like Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, and many more. One can earn boating experience while visiting the place and the Venetian Gondola Rides is one of the amazing things to do in Las Vegas. The place is packed with great restaurants, and there is no specified timing to visit the place.

Best Time to Visit: The hotel is always alive and active, so whenever you want to enjoy the ecstasy of Vegas, visit the place.

How to Reach: Check-in at the Venetian Hotel and take a taxi from the airport directly to the place.

Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

If you are in Las Vegas but want to get the feel of Paris, then do not worry about it; Paris Las Vegas will cater for your needs and requirements. Paris Las Vegas is one of the renowned resorts of the town and incorporates a scaled model of the very famous Eiffel Tower out at the front. The view of the resort from the Bellagio Fountains is very enticing, so one can devour their eyes with the scenic and shining beauty of the place.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Paris Las Vegas is between spring and fall if you want to feel the real essence of modeled Paris.

How to Reach: The best way to reach the resort is by car from the airport to the Paris Hotel, or one can take line 108 bus and train to reach the destination.

Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

If you as a traveler want to spend your holiday in a massive and embellished hotel complex, then Bellagio Resort is one of the top sights in Las Vegas. The place never lacks the beat and has several attractions like Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, a spa, and a salon. One can witness the fascinating art show themed at the showroom area with spring botanical displays and fountain show form the best attraction spot for the tourists. 

Best Time to Visit: March and late October are some of the best seasons to visit this place.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is a concrete dam settled in the Black Canyon of the popular Colorado River. If you are in the USA, it is suggested to take a trip to Hoover Dam as it is worth visiting for a lifetime. Hoover Dam is of great significance to the country and, it pays off every penny if you visit the place.

How to reach

Best time to visit

Average travel cost

Stratosphere Tower

The view from the top of Stratosphere Tower is worth captivating your eyes. Take a ride at the Stratosphere SkyPod to taste the ecstasy of adventure; you can enjoy the rooftop dining. Stratosphere Tower takes good care if you are its guest and made a prior booking in advance.

How to reach

Best time to visit

Average travel cost

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is way different from other hotels that you might see on your way through the Strip. The built of this resort is modern and very enticing for the tourists; the place has everything you would look for during your Las Vegas trip. The Casino at Planet Hollywood Resort is very exotic and sophisticated as well.

How to reach

Best time to visit

Average travel cost

If you want to rejuvenate your body and mind by having a vacation to an exotic and lively place, then consider Las Vegas for your next stop. Las Vegas has enticing sites and several top sights in Las Vegas that will give you the joy of a lifetime. Just book your flight to Las Vegas and embark on your journey to relive the beauty of nightlife in Las Vegas.

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