Top Sights and Things to do in Colombo Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the capital city of Colombo, the unbelievable culture and history of the Island with present-day attractions and conveniences. The city is exceptional pioneer history includes extra layers along with everything else. As the country is a capital city, it is likewise loaded up with museums and places to visit that delineate that rich history.

The super focal business region is known as Fort, and that is the place where you will track down a great deal of the public authority structures, extravagance shopping, and enormous inns. The region is named for the first Portuguese post, which monitored the harbor region straightforwardly before Fort is the Galle Face Green, a huge beachfront park.

Plan your tour with the list of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka Colombo

  1. Lotus Tower 
  2. Public Museum of Colombo 
  3. Sri Lanka Planetarium 
  4. Viharamahadevi Park 
  5. Public Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka 
  6. Mount Lavinia Beach 
  7. Public Museum of Natural History
  8. National Museum
  9. Gangaramaya Temple 
  10. Independence Memorial Hall 
  11. St Anthony's Church 
  12. Dutch Period Museum 
  13. Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovi
  14. Pettah Market 

Lotus Tower

Lotus Tower is Probably one of the best top things to do in Colombo. It is also one of the city's most current attractions. The Colombo Lotus Tower is South Asia's tallest detached design, and the trip to the top prizes guests with unhindered perspectives across Colombo and the encompassing cityscape and ocean.

The pinnacle, which houses a great deal of broadcast communications gear, has a historical telecom center, a shopping center, a rotating high-end café, lodging, and indoor and outside perception regions. The pinnacle is likewise a sight to see from an external perspective. It's canvassed in LED lighting and presents occasional themed lighting shows every evening.

The Lotus Tower, intended to duplicate a lotus bulb and blossom, all the while addressing the memorable culture of the nation and its emphasis on what's to come.

Best time to visit: To get to Louts Tower you can visit any time of the year

Way to reach: The tower is situated in Colombo, where one can reach easily by road by taking any public transport.  

Average travel cost: Around 20 US $

Public Museum of Colombo

The National Museum of Colombo, additionally called the Sri Lanka National Museum, is the authority exhibition hall of Sri Lanka and takes you on a trip over the millennia of Sri Lankan culture. It's one of those galleries with different media, from works of art to ancient rarities, just as dress, gems, coins, arms, and craftwork. The show both the country's regulated social and social legacy, introduced sequentially, beginning with pre-history and prompting the current day.

Best time to visit: One can visit there in a dry season the timing is 9 to 6 pm.

Ways to reach: You can easily reach there by using the bus service.

Average travel cost: It will cost you around 600 Srilanka rupees.

Sri Lanka Planetarium

Sri Lanka is a sole planetarium that can be a fascinating method for getting away from the Sri Lankan sun. There's a public entry opposite Independence Square. The enormous assembly hall has a domed roof, and the night sky and its heavenly bodies are projected onto it.

Besides the shows and programming, the actual design is structurally striking and an absolute necessity accomplishes for Instagram. The lotus bloom configuration imparts components to famous innovator churches in Liverpool, England, and Brazil.

Best time to visit: The right time to get in there is from 8 am to 4 pm any time of the year. 

Ways to reach: The museum is reached by two different routes; you can open the map and choose any of the preferable ones, and take a taxi, car, or even your vehicle. 

Average travel cost: The cost is not more than $1 US.

Viharamahadevi Park

This goliath green space is Colombo's Central Park, and it is one of the top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka Colombo. They are numerous wellsprings in the recreation center, just as a little zoo. Children will partake in the jungle gym. You can visit the Cenotaph just like the public library, the two of which are situated in the recreation center.

The recreation center is also home to an enormous, 15-foot-tall Buddha sculpture, the country's biggest cast metal Buddha sculpture. Now named for one of the country is antiquated, the center was earlier known as Victoria Park.

Best time to visit: The right to get in there is from December to May

Ways to reach: There are various ways to get in there, you can reach there by choosing the public transport or your vehicles. 

Average travel cost: The average amount is 10LKR for children as the 20 LKR for adult tourists.

Public Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka

The city's largest Colombo Zoo is situated in the Dehiwala. Something other than creatures in confines, the zoo centers around training, just as creature protection and government assistance. It is probably the most established zoo in Asia, it has around 3,000 unique creatures, everything being equal and size.

The zoo has every day shows with guardians of different creatures. There is one for the zoo's amicable ocean lion, one before the elephant walled-in area, a bird show, and one for snakes. Notwithstanding the metropolitan zoo in Dehiwala, around two hours outside of Colombo, in Pinnawala, there is a bigger natural life park and an elephant asylum, both worked by the Department of Zoological Gardens.

Best time to visit: The zoo is open seven days per week, from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

Ways to reach: By taxi

Average travel cost: NIL

Mount Lavinia Beach

Sri Lanka's principal ocean-side hotel town, Mount Lavinia, is a suburb of Colombo. There are numerous inns here, and it very well may be a decent option in contrast to remaining in the city. It's a simple drive from downtown Colombo and a pleasant method for going through an evening.

The ocean side is anything but a secured inlet, so the water can be extremely harsh during specific seasons. Use alert when swimming. There are some exceptionally pleasant cafés and the ocean side itself everything from food to swimming outfits.

Assuming you stay at the ocean side past 6 pm, you'll be compensated with a staggering nightfall view.

Best time to visit: The right time to get in there is in the evening so that you can see the night view.

Ways to reach: Buses are running on the road, you can also reach there by train. 

Average travel cost: $200 FOR 2 days trip

Public Museum of Natural History

Situated at a similar spot as the Colombo National Museum, opposite Viharamahadevi Park in focal Colombo, this intriguing exhibition hall grandstands the country's inconceivable typical history.

Plants, bugs, fish, creatures of land and water, and creatures are shown, only those that are endemic to the country. Besides plants, there are many presentations of rocks and minerals, likewise local to the Island.

Hence the plants and animals, there are skeletons and fossils of old and terminated animals. The historical center is an incredible and top things to do in Colombo and a vacation experience for families and children.

Best time to visit: The right time is January to March

Ways to reach: By bus, car, and taxi.

Average travel cost: Rs 40 for locals, for children, is $33.

National Museum

The Wonderful building that houses the Museum, was worked in 1876 and established by the British legislative leader of Sri Lanka at that point. It is one of the most prominent historical centers in Sri Lanka. Encompassing this stunning structure is a Wonderful and serene green park.

Inside the historical center are sculptures and displays recounting the narrative of old Sri Lanka. The historical center additionally shows things own by the previous illustrious group of Sri Lanka, similar to the King's brilliant high position and crown. You will track down a great deal of craftsmanship, carvings, swords, firearms, covers, and sculptures from Sri Lanka's antiquated past as the pioneer period. It is a Truly decent historical center! You will see two of the Curios in the National Museum of Colombo, similar to the Normal outfit worn by the Nilame, the Kandyan privileged.

Best time to visit: The right time to get in there is 09:00 to 18:00 (last entry at 17:00) 

Way to reach: Take a tuk-tuk/taxi 

Average travel cost: Rs 250 for a grown-up, Rs 150 for a kid

Gangaramaya Temple

The temple comprises a few different structures and is a well-known temple complex loaded up with various amazing things to do. Some of which are honestly really odd and somewhat terrifying. It incorporates, for example, a library, a historical center, and a presentation corridor of gifts got from fans and well-wishers throughout the long term.

The temple has a curio of Buddha's hair. The temple likewise has a LOT of Buddhas in stone, white plastic, and gold. We do not think we have at any point seen that numerous Buddhas in a single spot!

Best time to visit: any season it open from 05:30 – 22:00 

Way to reach: Take a tuk-tuk 

Average travel cost: Ticket value : Rs100

Independence Memorial Hall

Sri Lanka got its freedom from Britain on February fourth in 1948, and this immense stone structure encompassed by a tranquil, green, and lavish nursery is a landmark to that. Before it is a sculpture of Sri Lanka's first president, "The Father of the Nation" Rt. Hon. Wear Stephen Senanayake.

The Royal Audience Hall propels the design of the Independence Memorial Hall in Kandy. In the Royal Audience Hall in Kandy, the Kandyan Convention was endorsed on March fifth, 1815, consummating the Kingdom of Kandy and making Sri Lanka British. WE believe it's a truly decent signal and a pleasant method of connecting these two major and characterizing noteworthy minutes together.

Today this corridor is utilized for strict events and the yearly public day festivity. It likewise houses the Independence Memorial Museum. For our purposes, the spot was a great break from the commotion and hordes of Colombo's roads, as there was not anybody there.

Best time to visit: all day, every day

Way to reach: Take a tuk-tuk/taxi

Average travel cost: Free

St Anthony's Church

Otherwise called St Anthony's Shrine, this Roman Catholic church is frequently packed with local people who come to ask or pass on contributions to its heavenly relic, a piece of the adored holy person's tongue. Individuals of various beliefs love at the site because St Anthony is accepted to be a 'wonder laborer' by the nearby local area.

While the outside of the structure is charming, with its fine Neoclassical elements that date to the mid-1800s, the respectful air inside makes it an uncommon place to visit. In April 2019, St Anthony's Church was shockingly bombarded as a feature of a progression of composed assaults across Sri Lanka, with north of 90 individuals losing their lives.

It is a significant image of solidarity, trust, and resistance in the country. It was remodeled and returned a short time later and has invited admirers from that point onward.

Best time to visit: any season, 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Way to reach: Take a tuk-tuk, taxi, or neighborhood transport to

Average travel cost: Liberated from cost

Dutch Period Museum

Set in the actual heart of the Pettah market, the Dutch Period Museum is one of the most amazing places to visit in Colombo. The exhibition hall's special engineering joined with the innumerable individual possessions of a few Dutch rulers, charms the spot for past and social supporters. Initially, the historical center was the authority home of the then Dutch Governor of Sri Lan, spread more than 2 stories.

Best time to visit: whenever you want to visit since the museum is open throughout the year.

Way to reach: one-hour drive away from Colombo Dutch Museum, you can get in there by your vehicle or by taking a bus.

Average travel cost: 500 LKR

Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil

Additionally called Captain's Garden Kovil, this is Colombo's most seasoned Hindu Temple. The South-Indian motivated engineering of this sanctuary, just as the Wonderful and brilliant artistic Creations, and definite fine art, particularly in the roof, is Great. They were constructing some new designs when we visited, so the sanctuary is as yet growing.

The temple has a ton of sculptures of various Hindu divine beings, yet the primary lord of this sanctuary is Easwaran (Shiva) and Ganesh.

There was a little ensemble comprising of a man playing a type of woodwind and a man playing the drum. It made the entire experience very climatic. The temple is very well known, and there were continually individuals going back and forth to ask at the sanctuary. They were all amicable and inviting towards us even though we were not there to supplicate.

Best time to visit: 06:00 to 10:30 and 16:30 to around 18:00/19:00

Way to reach: Take a taxi or any public transport.

Average travel cost: Free (you need to pay a little charge if you need to take photographs)

Pettah Market

Colombo's biggest and most tumultuous market incorporates everything from new food to discount clothing and is known as Pettah. The whole clamoring region is perception heaven and an incredible spot to get an underlying perspective into the bustling side of Colombo. You'll presumably meat many cordial Sri Lankan's assuming that you stroll around Pettah!

As we would see, visiting the products of the soil segment of Pettah Market is one of the best time activities in Colombo.

Best time to visit: Floating Market (preferred time): 01:00 pm - 06:00 pm.

Way to reach: Is an open market, you can take a transport, or tuk-tuk to get in there.

Average travel cost: $29

Last words

Even though Colombo is the city has a lot of appeal, wonderful and inviting individuals, heavenly food, a lot of captivating history and old delightful pioneer structures, intriguing strict structures, decent stops and plants, and an incredible entryway patio along the shore of Sri Lanka in Galle Face Green.

Colombo is worth a visit for a little while if you are making a beeline for Sri Lanka, even though we should concede that it isn't the feature of Sri Lanka as we would like to think.

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