Do Hilton Points Expire? A Comprehensive Guide

Hilton is one of the famous hotels in the world and provides all kinds of stay at a very effective cost. Though many travelers or the person who stays quite frequently receive points as a gift, they don’t know much about its expiry. If you have received Hilton points, too, then you can read this write-up. Here you can learn about expires as well as how to save and redeem them. 

How to check when Hilton points expire?

It is very important to know the period and the process in which you can redeem them and get the benefits like low fare rooms and un-box many other services for free. If you don’t have any activity with your account in 15 months, your points will vanish. It means you have to again start it and start collecting the points. 

So this is how you can find and check the Hilton Points expiration dates. However, it may happen that you are not comfortable enough to run the online process or find it hard to comprehend. Here, you can rely on customer support; all you need is to share the details of the account, and they will share the expiration date. 

Tips to keep Hilton points from expiring

If you ignore the Hilton points, you might lose the benefits like lower price room, get additional service, pre-book benefits, and much more. However, when you can utilize them, then letting points expire is not a good choice.  There are specific ways to keep the points away from expiring. You can learn about them by going through the below-mentioned methods. 

Keep your account active

As already mentioned that if there is no activity on your account in 15 months, then all points will vanish. So, whenever you make a reservation, try to do this with Hilton so that you redeem them and make the account active. 

Redeem small points in a certain period

Obviously, when you ignore the points during the reservation, you will fail to redeem them. The best way to keep them is that you can use them as a payment method whenever you are making a booking. Even you can help your friends and family members to redeem them. It is quite easy, and in this way, you can save the points and activate the account. 

Connect with a support person

If you think you cannot make a reservation on time, you can do one thing, and that is contact the support person. You can just contact them, and they will help you save it, though you need to pay some small amount for this, they will expand the time of points and show the activity. 

Now, you must have gained everything about the Hilton points expires. Make sure that you have to focus on activities and never miss the chance to redeem them in the whole process. Though, these points are beneficial for those who visit frequently or who have purchased the premium membership of Hilton. For more information, do not resist yourself depending on the customer support team. 

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