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Westjet Flight Compensation & Reimbursement:

What could be worse than a delay or cancellation of the flight in your Favorite airline? The airline, like WestJet, understands the passengers' situation and accepts that the passengers have to face the loss because of them. So, they are ready to provide them with compensation. They know that they cannot reduce the loss that the passengers have to suffer, but they can at least be of some help to the passengers.

The passengers are entitled to get the WestJet flight compensation in the cases of delays and the cancellation of the flight from the airline's side. The airlines follow the EU 261 rule that claims to provide compensation to the passengers for their loss. Let us have a look at the conditions where the passengers can claim the settlement from the airline.

WestJet flight cancellation compensation:

  • If the airline had canceled the flight less than 14 days before the passengers were supposed to depart from the European airport, then the passengers of WestJet are entitled to get up to $700 per person as a part of compensation.
  • However, if the airline offers the alternate flight to the passengers that arrives for the first time, then they will not pay the compensation for this.
  • Also, the airline will not pay compensation if the flight was canceled because of extraordinary circumstances.

WestJet flight delay compensation:

The passengers will get compensation in the case of flight delays if the situation will be any following:

  • In the event of a flight delay, the passengers' flight was delayed for more than 3 hours.
  • The passengers could not catch the connecting flight because of the delay of the first flight.
  • The passengers were denied boarding the plane because of the overbooked flight.

These are the conditions in which the passengers will get WestJet flight compensation. They can call on the customer care number to get assistance in this situation. They will help you out in providing you a detailed description of the compensation because of the canceled flights or flight delays.

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