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(SAS)Scandinavian Airlines Compensation and Flight Reimbursement Rules:

SAS Airlines Compensation Policy For Delayed Or Cancelled Flights  

For the case of flight delay or cancellation, you as a passenger reserves rights to claim compensation for not providing your seat on your confirmed reservations on SAS. Also, here is some important information about Scandinavian Airlines compensation, go through it to claim compensation for the SAS flight delay and cancellation. 

Who Is Entitled to SAS Compensation?

  • When you suffer from a heavily delayed flight or canceled flight, you may get compensation for the inconvenience caused by the airline. 

  • Also, whenever a flight delay or cancellation happens due to some circumstances beyond SAS control, for example, weather conditions, political instability, security risks, strikes airport or airspace restrictions, you will be entitled to SAS compensation

  • Not only compensation you are also qualified for care such as expenses during the flight delay or cancellation i.e. food and drinks at the airport

  • Just in case, if you still are not eligible for the compensation, you can check the travel insurer or credit card providers to know if your journey covers these costs. 

Get complete on SAS Airline's compensation and reimbursement policy 


SAS Airlines is a popular flag carrier airline known for offering the finest flight services without any delay. Still, to protect the interest of the passengers, some laws help them to claim compensation if they encounter any delay or cancellation. 


Further, as SAS Airlines operates under EU law, if the passenger reaches its destination late or the flight gets canceled at the last moment, then the passenger has a complete right to claim SAS Airlines compensation. However, this condition might vary with the unusual conditions that one can get to know once they read out this article.


Compensation/ Reimbursement for cancelled flight


  • In case of cancellation, SAS Airlines is required to offer passengers an alternative flight or refund. 
  • In general, the airline rebooks the flight ticket for the passenger without any additional charge.
  • Further, if the cancellation of the flight is informed by the airline within 14 days of the actual departure, then one can claim compensation of US$700 per passenger. 
  • But, if the airline books passengers on the new flight but makes them reach the destination at a similar time, then the airline won’t be entitled to pay any compensation. 
  • Besides in the case of unusual situations like bad weather or major incident at the airport then, there are fewer chances that the passenger will be provided with compensation.


Compensation/ Reimbursement for delayed flights


  • As SAS Airlines operated under EU law, if the passenger reaches its destination 3 hours late or more, then the passenger has a complete right to claim SAS Airlines compensation of $700. 
  • However, this condition might vary with the unusual conditions that one can get to know once they read out this article.
  • And if the delay is caused because of a technical fault or staff strike, then passengers can claim compensation as per the law. 
  • Also, the passengers can claim flight delay compensation up to a maximum of 3 years.


Hence, this was the complete information on SAS Airlines Reimbursement. For queries, regarding the compensation policy, the passenger can feel free to contact the airline reservation department and claim quick compensation for their reservations. 

When Can You Claim EU261 Compensation on SAS?

There are some cases or situations in which you claim compensation from SAS:

  • If you have bought the flight ticket from SAS and the air carrier is also SAS and the flight is canceled or delayed at your final destination by three hours because of an issue from SAS's side and the factors that can be controlled by the airline. 

  • Also, when the airline is failing to provide you an alternate flight option to reach your destination less than four hours after the scheduled arrival time at your final destination. 

  • Moreover, when the airline fails to inform you about the flight cancelation between 7 and 23 days before the flight departure date. 

  • When the airline couldn't provide you an alternate route option to your final destination prior one hour to your scheduled departure and it takes more than two hours of the scheduled arrival time for your flight. Even if you have already been informed about the delay 7 days prior to the flight departure of the original date, you can claim SAS compensation

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