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Learn the Basics of Ryanair Travel Credit: Terms and conditions

  • Participants of age 16 years or over must hold a valid my Ryanair account.

  • Passenger can earn the points only on the accommodation of the hotel bookings completed after the Flight Credit offer has gone live on the Ryanairs website.

  • Rooms' accommodations are provided by independent suppliers in accordance with the terms and conditions. Ryan air is not responsible for the exact performance or otherwise with the third party suppliers. 

  • If the third party cancel or amends the original accommodation, the Ryanair Flight Credit you passenger earned of the booking will become void.

  • Flight Credit and the gift vouchers cannot be redeemed on the same flight booking.

  • Ryanair Flight Credit of the passengers cannot be redeemed against the infant bookings for Ryanair future credits

How Passengers can make use of the Travel Credit?

  • Passenger earning the Travel Credit will be rewarded with the Euros. Where applicable, Ryanair will be applicable to the future Travel Credit for the flight bookings completion in other currencies with the help of the Reuters.

Benefits of Travel credit

Here you will see all the benefits of Ryanair travel credit, so follow these points carefully

  • Passenger can earn a travel credit of worth 10% of any Ryanair rooms hotel bookings if the bookings are made via the official website of Ryanair. Apart from that, passengers can redeem the points against Ryanair international flight booking.

  • Passenger must make their Ryanair Rooms hotel bookings which are logged in into myRyanair account to earn the Travel Credit.

The Validity of future travel credit

  • Travel Credit can be redeemed for the 180 days from the date the, apart from that Travel Credit is credited to the myRyanair account for the future reference. If the Travel Credits are not redeemed within the time frame will be forfeited.

What are the possibilities of transferring the travel credit on someone one else name?

  • Passenger can earn the travel credit or transfer the credit within 50 days of the purchase of the flight booking.

Consider and adhere to the above information on Ryanair travel credit. If required you can take assistance from the dedicated support team of Ryanair.

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