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Philippine Airlines Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

What is the compensation policy on Philippine Airlines? Here is everything

When a ticket issued and the passenger decides not to take the flight on the same specified date and time, a passenger may apply for compensation through a number of resources such as Cash refund, direct refund to a bank account, a refund in a credit card that shall be given to the passenger. It is also necessary to know that when your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours and as a result, your flight is cancelled, you are allowed to apply for a request for Philippine Airlines compensation.

How many types of compensation you can claim with Philippine Airlines

You can claim compensation in various kinds of situations of flight cancellation and delay. It is important to check out the correct information of the flight details and get the genuine information of Philippine Airlines compensation when your luggage was delayed, lost or damaged. In addition to this, if you are changing your flight then you can apply for the request compensation instantly.

1. Flight changes compensation:

  • Philippines Airlines generally exerts utmost efforts to ensure that your flight departs and arrives on time, but when your flight is changed, you can send a request for compensation.
  • When you find some minor changes in your flight schedule, Aircraft, terminal, you can apply for request compensation.
  • You can provide us flight details, mobile number and email address to get information on flight change compensation.

2. Flight cancellation compensation:

  • When you find your flight is cancelled within 14 days prior to departure without your information, you should apply for a refund.
  • For the flight cancellation, you are entitled to get a full refund of up to 600 euro or you can book another flight ticket as well.

3. Flight delay Compensation:

  • If your flight is a delay due to weather or technical issue and canceled your flight, you should fill in the flight detail to find the compensation.
  • When you find your flight is delayed more than 3 hours and the flight is canceled less than 14 days prior departure apply for the compensation.

Thus, you might be eligible for the compensation that helps you to reserve the next flight instantly.

How much Philippine Airlines compensation:

It is EU law states help you to claim up to 600 Euro per passenger as compensation for flight delay or cancel of 3 hours. If you find still any issue in getting Philippine Airlines reimbursement or compensation, do contact us anytime.  

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