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Icelandair Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

Compensation for delays and canceled flight in Icelandair:

We know how hard it is when the flight is delayed, and you have to attend the important meeting. We can understand the worry that you will be dealing with thinking about the loss you have to suffer. Well, Iceland Air, being the customer-centric, understands the pain of the passengers and, therefore, provides the passengers with the compensation. Let us see how much compensation Icelandair provides for flight delays and cancelation.

The passengers can go for the Icelandair compensation claim in the case of delays and cancelation. Let us see the examples where the airline will have to pay the compensation.

  •  For Canceled Flight:

The Iceland Air passengers can claim the compensation if the airline cancels the flight less than 14 days before the departure of the plane, then they have to pay up to US$700 in compensation to each of the passengers.

  • For Delayed Flight:

The passengers can claim compensation in the cases of flight delay too. The law of the European air passenger will help the passengers in the case of flight delay. If the flight in which you were supposed to travel landed at the final destination over 3 hours late, then the airline will provide you with the compensation of up to US$700 per person.

You can talk to the executives about it, and you have to provide them with the details like your date of journey, destination and many other things. Then, you will be able to go for an Icelandair compensation claim for your delayed or canceled flight.

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