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Finnair Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

Get complete help about Finnair compensation policy

If you have reserved a flight on Finnair Airlines, but due to some reasons your flight is showing delay or canceled, you are eligible to get the claim of 250 Euro in short-haul flights that span less than 1,200 km. When it comes to the medium-haul flights among 1,200 to 3,300 km it is very simple to apply a Finnair compensation request that can bring you to get 400 Euro. Sometimes due to overbooking or flight schedule is changed, your flight might be canceled and at this, you can expect to claim at your final destination with a delay of more than 3 hours.    

How many types of compensation you can claim with Finnair?

When your flight is delay and due to long-delayed flight, it is possible to get your flight canceled soon. You can find date wise flight information to apply for the request compensation. There are many types of Finnair compensation that you can claim with Finnair at any time.

Flight cancellation compensation:

  • If you are ready to board the flight but due to technical problems or overbooking, it is possible to cancel your flight.
  • When your flight is canceled within 3 hours due to the flight schedule changed, you need to claim for the flight cancellation via message or mail to the customer representatives.

Flight delayed compensation:

  • It is the flight that might be delayed due to weather issues or technical problems you can apply for the travel date or get the Finnair reimbursement.
  • It is deadlines for the claiming compensation for which is possible to claim compensation up to 6 years after the date of the flight and you will be to claim within 3 to 2 hours.

How much Finnair compensation?

You can get a certain claim as per the flight itinerary and distance between the airport of departure and arrival. For the flight covering a distance of up to 1200KM to 3200km receive up to 200 to 300KM euro.

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