Emirates Airlines Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

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One can never predict the situations that can cause their flights delayed or canceled. But that should mean that they can’t do anything about it if their flight has been canceled or delayed due to any reason. In the same way, many airlines such as Emirates do avail themselves of their compensation policy and make their passenger’s situation better. However, one has to claim compensation for their disrupted travel plans from the airline. If you are traveling from/to Europe then you easily take the benefits of the EC 261 law. As per this law, you are entitled to claim compensation and you’ll be getting up to $700/€600 on your flight cancellation or delays.

Now, when it comes to Emirates, if your flight is delayed or canceled due to considerable reasons then you can easily claim Emirates reimbursement as per the EC 261 law. Hence, read this article further to know about the types of compensations provided by the airlines and other relevant information. 

Types Of Compensations Offered On Emirates

Emirates lets you claim compensation for both delayed and canceled flights. The following are the types of Emirates compensation offered by the airlines that you are entitled to under different situations. 

For Delayed Flights

  • Any Emirates flight that has been delayed by 3 hours or more then you’ll be re-accommodated on another flight or provided a refund up to $700.
  • If you choose for re-accommodation then you’ll be provided food, drinks, telecommunication facilities until the next flight comes. 
  • No compensation is provided for flight delays due to bad weather under EC 261 law.

For Cancelled Flights

If your Emirates flight is canceled within 14 days prior to your scheduled departure (from/to any European airport) then you’ll be entitled for compensation up to $700/€600.

How Much Does Emirates Compensate On Its Flights 

You are entitled to the following Emirates compensation If your Emirates flight has travelled:

  • Less than 1500 km: Up to €250/per person
  • Over 1500 km: up to €400/per person
  • Between 1500 - 3500 km: Up to €400/per person
  • Over 3500 km: up to €600/per person

For more information on Emirates compensation, contact the airline’s customer services and talk to the professional executives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim compensation from Emirates?

Passenger can easily claim the compensation but there are some conditions provided below

  • The passenger will be informed about the cancellation prior to the 14 days before the booked departure.
  • Users will get to book alternate flights to the final destination if the flight is 4 hours late.
  • Emirates cancellation can be easily claimed if is caused by any extraordinary circumstances

How long can you claim flight delay compensation?

Passenger can easily claim flight compensation within 30 days from the date of cancellation or they can even take the points to make a future reservation in the Emirates airlines

Will Emirates refund Cancelled flights?

Emirates airline provides refunds till 24 months and in between users can easily reschedule the flight whenever simply by requesting a travel voucher or they can even refund the entire booking that is canceled.

How much does Emirates pay for lost baggage?

When the passenger will report the damage of your baggage through the airport or even online, then they can easily contact emirates customer relations to get a refund of all the verified costs. Once your lost baggage had been approved then the Emirates airline will provide the compensation of approximately €1,336 or accordingly.

Can I get compensation for the missed connection?

If the passenger has missed the flight reservation due to any delay, then the passenger will be entitled to the missed connection compensation of the price of £510 per passenger, providing if the passenger has arrived three hours late at the final destination of your booking.

How do I claim delayed baggage on Emirates?

In order to claim the delayed flight compensation, passengers can easily go to the nearest Emirates office along with the passport and a receipt of your purchased ticket. Emirates airline will undertake extensive tracking so as to reunite passengers with their lost bags. In the unfortunate incident that baggage is declared as lost, the airline will contact the passenger in order to provide compensation to the passenger without any hassle.

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