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Brussels Airlines Flight Compensation & Reimbursement Claim:

No one can be assured of uninterrupted travel plans and that is quite common. However, flight delays and cancellations can occur at any time. But that does not mean that you can’t do anything about them. Besides, many airlines provide the best compensation to its passengers and for passengers traveling to /from European airports, the EC261 law can make their worries go away. As per this law, passengers are entitled to get compensation of up to $700/€600 on their flight cancellation/delays.

When it comes to Brussels Airlines, the airline follows the EC 261 law and provides its benefits to the passengers. So, if you were supposed to travel with this airline then here’s what you need to know about the Brussels Airlines flight compensation.

Brussels Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation rules:

In the event, if your Brussels flight has been within 14 days before your scheduled departure time (from/to any European airport) then the airline will compensate you up to $700/€600.

Brussels Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation Policy:

  • In the event, if your Brussels flight has been delayed by 3 hours or more then the airline will accommodate you on its another flight. Alternative, it may also provide you refund up to $700.
  • Brussels Airlines will provide you food, drinks, telecommunication facilities, re-accommodation or replacement flight against your delayed flight.
  • The EC261 law does not cover flight delays that have been caused due to bad weather situations. Therefore, you’ll not be eligible for compensation on Brussels airlines

So, Who Can Claim For Compensation On Brussels Airlines?

Passengers who have got their flights delayed or cancelled due to overbooking, strikes, technical malfunctions can claim for Brussels Airlines flight compensation. Moreover, if the flight has travelled the following distance then they will be compensated accordingly.

Flights that have travelled:

  •  Less than 1500 km then the passenger will get up to €250/per person
  • Over 1500 km (Domestic European)then the passenger will get up to €400/per person
  • Between 1500 - 3500 km (Non-domestic European) the passenger will get up to €400/per person
  •  Over 3500 km (Non-domestic European) the passenger will get up to €600/per person

To get further details on Brussels Airlines flight compensation, contact the airline’s customer services.



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