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Avianca Flight Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

If you have booked a flight with Avianca airlines and it is delayed or canceled, you are eligible for compensation. To claim your compensation amount, you can directly contact the airline support. You can check the compensation eligibility on the airline website also.

When you can claim compensation on Avianca?

To claim your compensation with Avianca airlines, you must be eligible as per the fare rules or airlines. There are two conditions in which a passenger is entitled to claim Avianca Flight Compensation:

  • Delayed flight- If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, you can claim compensation from the airline.

  • Canceled flight- In case the airline has canceled the flight due to some technical issues, you can claim the compensation. The amount will be according to the distance of the flight.

Conditions for compensation of canceled flight:

If the flight is canceled by the airline due to internal issues, you can claim the compensation but if it is due to any unforeseen reason such as weather conditions, there will be no compensation. The eligibility criteria must be fulfilled for claiming compensation. The eligibility conditions are:

  • If the flight cancellation notification was sent to you 7 to 13 days before departure and the alternate flight reaches destination more than 4 hours late.

  • If Avianca airlines have informed you 7 days or less before departure and the alternate flight is late by 2 hours.

The compensation is calculated as per the distance of the flight.

Compensation for a delayed flight:

You will be eligible for delayed compensation in two cases:

  • You reached your final destination 3 hours late than expected arrival.

  • The delay was due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, security risks, medical emergencies, bird strikes, etc.

For more details on Avianca flight reimbursement, you can contact the support team of Avianca. The representatives of the airline will assist you in resolving your query.






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