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Air Serbia Flight Compensation and Reimbursement:

Air Serbia flight service will be advised you to understand your genuine rights when your flight is delayed and canceled through Air Serbia.

Air Serbia flight delay compensation:

At the present time if you experienced a delayed or canceled flight on Air Serbia service, then this is true that you could be eligible for compensation of worth up to $600. So it is important to know your rights that’s because sometimes you face huge difficulty in claiming your Air Serbia flight delay compensation.

Following are the ways to get flight delay compensation:

  • When you find your flight is a delay for up to 3 hours, you could apply for a compensation request instantly.
  • For flight delay compensation, you can qualify your compensation using your claim checker and make sure that the amount that should be up to $600 per head.
  • As per the policy, when you apply for compensation request you should check out the time of the flight delay that should be within 3 to 24 hours and successfully retrieve your refund for your delay.  

Air Serbia canceled flight compensation

When your flight is canceled resulted in delay longer without any kind of information, you can claim for the Air Serbia Flight Reimbursement within a second. But if you find any difficulty to do so, you can follow the trick.

Following are the ways to get flight reimbursement:

  •  It is very simple to claim reimbursement when your flight is long-delayed and the flight is canceled within 3 hours.
  • You might be eligible to entitle $700 or you can apply for the reimbursement so that you can book another flight.
  • You might get the additional cost in the reimbursement when you pay for the flight cancellation reimbursement. 

How Much Air Serbia Flight Compensation?

It is the rule of thumb to get both delay and flight cancellation that vary as per the flight destination and type of the ticket. A flight of 1400KM compensation amount is 250 euro and Flights of 1200 km to 3000 km and the compensation amount is 400 euros to 600euros.  


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