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Air Italy Compensation & Reimbursement Rules:

Recently booked your reservations with Air Italy and received a notification that your flight is getting delayed or is about to cancel? Well, then don’t need to fret out as the airline has separate provisions to help out the passengers in such situations. 

In general, Air Italy is an airline that always makes an effort to offer its travelers with the best services and tries to stick to the flight schedules without any delay. But, there are times when travelers might face some issues with their reservations. Fortunately, as the airline operates under EC 261, the passenger rights are protected and they are offered with lawful remedies to claim Air Italy compensation from the airline in such situations. 

Air Italy Compensation for delayed flights:

In general, Air Italy sticks to its flight schedule, but there are times when airlines might fail to offer services in time. 

  • As per EC 261, if there is a delay in the arrival of the flight to its destination ( 3 hours or more), then passengers can claim compensation that sums around $700. 
  • However, in case of extraordinary circumstances the airline can deny to provide compensation. But, the EC law also defines such situations that include severe weather conditions and some issues at the airport. 
  • Further, the passenger is required to claim within 3 years from the issue of the flight ticket. 

Air Italy Compensation for canceled flights:

  • If the passenger is informed about cancellation within 14 days or less before the flight departure, then the passenger can claim Air Italy compensation of $700 per person. 
  • However, the airline books the passenger to the next available flight without any additional charges. 
  • In case, if the passenger is booked to an alternative flight and they reach their destination in time, then the airline is not entitled to offer any compensation. 

How much is the compensation for Air Italy flight? 

As per the EC laws, the Air Italy compensation is calculated as per the distance traveled mentioned below:

  • Under 1500 Km ( All flights)- € 250 per person
  • Over 1500 Km ( Internal EU flights)- € 400 per person
  • Between 1500-3500 Km (Non-internal EU flights)- € 400 per person
  • Over 3500 Km (Non-internal EU flights)- € 600 per person

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