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Air Europa Compensation & Reimbursement Rules:

What are the conditions for claiming compensation on Air Europa?

If you are thinking to make a compensation request for any kind of delay or canceled flight with Air Europa, then you must have knowledge about the compensation conditions before making any kind of request. If you don’t know about Air Europa compensation policy, then you can follow the below instructions to understand it better:

  • Flights only depart to/from at European airports are eligible for compensation as per the EU 261.

  • Your booking should be confirmed and not having on the waiting list.

  • You can only make a request if your flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked.

  • Check your eligibility or about EU 261 before making any request for the compensation.

Air Europa Compensation for Cancelled Flight

  • If the airlines are canceling your flight at the last moment without any prior notification, then you can get compensation up to $700 per passenger.

  • If the cause of cancellation overbooked or air staff’s strike, then you can also eligible for the compensation.

  • If your flight is canceled due to the weather conditions, then you can’t make any kind of compensation request.

Air Europa Compensation for Delayed Flight

  • If your flight got delayed for more than 3 hours, then you can get compensation of up to $700 per passenger.

  • You will only eligible for compensation if the flight is delayed due to the mistake of airlines.

  • If the reason for flight delay is bad weather conditions or air traffic, then you can’t get any compensation but you may be provided the same day flight or any other.

You can very easily get Air Europa Reimbursement on flight delay or cancellation with the help of above-given instructions. But if you are still confused to understand this information or require more help, then you can also contact the customer service team of Air Europa for the required information.

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