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Air Canada Compensation and Flight Reimbursement Rules:

Get details about compensation policy of Air Canada

It is a frustrating situation when your flight gets delayed or cancelled due to any technical or unforeseen reasons. If you have booked a flight with Air Canada and it gets delayed or cancelled, then you will be facilitated with the compensation or reimbursement. However, it is an unfavorable situation, but you can get satisfied with the compensation. The delays or cancellations done due to technical issues are eligible for reimbursement whereas if it is due to any unpredicted weather conditions, they might not offer any compensation. In some cases, the flights are delayed or cancelled due to over-bookings or bumped flights.

Who is eligible for compensation and what are the situations?

If you want to claim Air Canada compensation for the situation, it must satisfy your eligibility according to the circumstances listed below:

  • You are departing from Europe or any given airline.

  • You arrive within Europe or through any European airline.

  • The flight is delayed for at least 3 hours.

  • Your flight did not depart.

  • The flight is overbooked, resulting in no availability of seats.

  • Your connecting flight is missed due to the delay of the main flight which is more than 3 hours.

Types of compensation you can claim with Air Canada

There are two types of Air Canada compensation, which can be claimed as per the situation of the passenger:

  • Flight delay compensation- If the Air Canada flight gets delayed for 3 or more hours, the airline must provide you with food, drink and communication access. So, before leaving your home, you must check with the airline to know about the status of the flight. You can claim a predefined amount as compensation which is calculated according to fare rules of the airline.

  • Cancelled flight compensation- If Air Canada cancels its flights when less than 14 days are left for departure, they need to provide compensation to the passengers. The compensation will only be provided if it was the airlines' fault. In other situations, the airline might offer the next flight or any suitable flight. If an alternate flight is provided, there will be no compensation.

How much is the compensation on Air Canada?

Although the amount of compensation is calculated according to fare rules which depend on different factors, in most cases, Air Canada compensation is approx $700 per passenger. The compensation value varies according to the distance of the flights.

Benefits of Air Canada compensation

With Air Canada reimbursement, you will be able to claim compensation as well as many benefits for the delayed or cancelled flights in Air Canada:

  • You will get full compensation for the trip
  • You will be allowed to do phone calls or emails
  • You can ask for meals and drinks if required
  • If you don't board any alternate flight, they will provide you with the compensation amount, otherwise, it will be adjusted in the next flight.
  • You can also ask for the refund credit, which can be used for any future travel.

For more details on Air Canada reimbursement, you can contact the support team of the airline. The executives will assist you with all kinds of compensation and the possible situations. You can contact them using the info available on Air Canada's website.

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