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Southwest Airlines Compensation and Reimbursement Rules:

Southwest Airlines Compensation Policy For Delayed Or Cancelled Flights  

To understand the weather conditions somehow has become easy and simple because of the advancement of technology. Still, sometimes things get out of hand and one has to face issues with the bad weather condition or natural calamities. Due to this many services get affected and lots of changes appear like flight cancellation, delay, change in departure time, and all. 

Besides, if you have made reservations on Southwest Airlines and your flight gets canceled due to any reason for which the airline is responsible, you may get the Southwest Airlines compensation for the delay. 

How Many Types Of Compensation You Can Claim With Southwest Airlines?

There are some cases in which you don’t get a refund or compensation for your flight cancellation or delay on Southwest Airlines, for example, delay due to bad weather, natural disaster, or man-made disaster, air traffic control strike, and all. 

On the other hand, if the flight cancellation or delay happens due to the carrier’s side, you will not require to suffer, your flight fare will be reimbursed by the airline.  

You can get the Southwest Airlines reimbursement for flight delay or flight cancellation only if the problem is caused by the carrier's side. Moreover, in some special cases, you may waive the cancellation charges like the ongoing pandemic coronavirus. 

How Much Southwest Airlines Flight Compensation You May Get?

After knowing all the types of compensation that you will get on Southwest Airlines, you must be thinking about the amount you will get once you request for reimbursement. Well, here are the details to go through:

Up to €250 per person of compensation, you may get on the Southwest Airlines flight booking of less than 1500 km travel distance. 

Also, if you have booked a within Europe flight spanning 1,500 km distance, you may get up to €400 per person. 

Know Some of the Important Points on Southwest Airlines Compensation And Benefits

Southwest Airlines provides several benefits when the flight gets delay, some of them are mentioned below:

  • When your flight is delayed due to any reason, the airline would offer you snacks and drinks and will take care of other essentials. 
  • If the delay stays for a longer time or you have to wait for a night, the airline will provide you an accommodation in a hotel. 
  • Also, the travel between the hotel and the airport will be provided by the airline. 
  • Even if you can cancel your flight if you see a delay of more than 2 hours, you will not be charged for rebooking a flight. 
  • In addition, if you don't rebook a flight and instead you want a refund, you may apply for a refund or Southwest Airlines reimbursement. 

With the aforementioned information, you must be able to decide what you should do if any delay or cancellation happens with you on Southwest Airlines. Just in case, you have more questions or queries, you can ask them from the reservation support team of Southwest Airlines. The team of customer service is always there to assist you at any time from anywhere. 

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