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Delta Flight Delayed Compensation For 2 Hours: Guide & Benefits

Flight delay can make you feel very helpless and frustrated but airlines does try to compensate for the money. But there are certain factors on which compensation will be applicable like time, maintenance, bad weather, and so on. Read the below pointers to know about the compensation given by Delta airlines

Terms & Conditions For Delta Airlines Compensation for 2 Hours?

  • In Delta Airlines flight compensation, airlines will provide customers an alternative booking to the destination, or even the full refund of money if the customer insists.
  • But in case the Delta airline successfully provides another booking for the reservation at the same time as of the original ticket, then Delta Airlines will not provide compensation. Also compensation will not be provided if delta flight delayed 2 hours compensation on the bad weather or any issues with flight maintenance. 
  • After all these exclusion if the passenger is confused about the amount of compensation then, the simplest way is to take the help of the free compensation calculator situated on the official website.
  • Also compensation will be reliant on the arrival time or on the arrival destination and not on the take-off the so if the airline will be late by 3 hours on the arrival destination then Delta Airlines will be responsible to pay some amount of compensation to their customers.

The above information was regarding the delta compensation for 2 hour flight delay, passengers need to know according to the policy. For more information requirements go to the website or dial the toll-free number.

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