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Delta Airlines 1 Hour Delay Compensation Guide & Benefits

Flight compensation on 1 hour Delay in Delta Airlines

Have you ever been in a situation of reaching the airport and your flight gets delayed because of the bad weather or any other reason? Flights getting delayed is a very common thing especially during harsh weather conditions. But if the flight gets delayed because of the airline's mistake then you can easily claim compensation. And for claiming compensation in the Delta Airlines, there are a few eligibility that you need to follow. Tap below for the terms and conditions. 

What is the Delta Airlines 1 hours compensation policy for a delayed flight?

There are certain policies for compensation related to delayed flights and canceled reservations. And if you are trying to find Delta compensation for 1 hour flight delay, then you can go through the below conditions. 

How to check Delta compensation in case of delayed flights 

1. If your flight gets delayed for more than three hours then it will be the responsibility of the airline to provide you with compensation. 

2. In case the airline provides the next flight then till its departure airline will provide the accommodation and food

3. Once you claim for the compensation, the airline will cross check the conditions and then generate the claim.

The amount credited by the airline for the delayed flights  

1. The amount refunded by the airline as compensation for the delayed flight depends upon the distance covered and the time of the delay. 

2.Though the standard claim for the flight delay and cancellation is 700 US dollars. 

And hence following the above-given details, you can easily get the Delta compensation for 1 hour flight delay. And in case of doubts or queries contact the customer care team of Delta Airlines. 

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