Turkish Airlines Flights to Antalya- Book Now to Save

Turkish Airline is formally known as Türk Hava Yolları Anonim Ortaklığı. It is a Turkey flag carrier and has domestic and international traveling routes. This is why you can get a flight to Antalya, the “fifth most popular city” in Turkey. When you could pick this Airline as a travel companion for Antalya, you could make a journey congenial and delightful. Furthermore, you can obtain more information in reference to Turkish airlines flights to Antalya by going through the subheads.

What days do Turkish Airlines fly direct to Antalya?

You are searching to fly to Antalya through Turkish Airlines; due to this, you are looking for what days Turkish Airlines flights to Antalya; as per the survey, Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to Antalya from several cities worldwide, but the specific days of operation may vary depending on the route you are interested in. Here's what you found for some popular routes; you must view the below things.

  1. From Istanbul: Turkish Airlines operates several direct flights to Antalya from Istanbul Airport (IST) and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) every day. The number of flights varies on the season.

  2. From Ankara: Turkish Airlines operates direct flights to Antalya from Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) on most days of the week. The direct schedule may be relying on the season.

  3. From London: Turkish Airlines does not offer direct flights from London to Antalya. However, they do offer flights with a layover in Istanbul.

  4. From Paris: Turkish Airlines does not offer direct flights from Paris to Antalya. However, they do offer flights with a layover in Istanbul.

  5. From Amsterdam: Turkish Airlines does not offer direct flights from Amsterdam to Antalya. However, they do offer flights with a layover in Istanbul.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Antalya, Turkey? 

Based on various travel websites and flight aggregators, March is the cheapest month on average to fly to Antalya, Turkey, followed closely by November. However, there is a quick analysis of average flight prices by month, and you must view it.

How far is Istanbul from Antalya flying?

The distance between Istanbul and Antalya, flying, is 698 km. Flying from Istanbul to Antalya will take 8 hours and 31 minutes.

Tips to save money on Turkish Airlines flights to Antalya

The trip to Antalya with Turkish Airlines might not cost a fortune, but there is still a possibility that you can save a penny from that. To execute that, you should be aware of some tips and particulars shown at the bottom.

Purchase a flight ticket in advance.

The flight ticket from Turkish Airlines is published around 10 months before the flight's scheduled departure. So, when you purchase a flight ticket from its departure, then it could be available at economical rates. This way, you can also get an option to change the itinerary without paying an additional amount.

Use the special offer of Turkish Airlines.

You can discover a flight on the Turkish Airline with a special offer. When you have a flight listed in this column, your booking could be economical and affordable. Thus you can get these options on the official web page of the Airline or by getting through its customer service.

Pay fare cost with miles.

Turkish Airlines offers a membership. When you become a member, you could earn miles for spending each penny on the Airline. If you have collected enough miles equivalent to the fare cost, you can use that to book a flight ticket. On the other hand, airlines also offer a number of discounts and offer to their travelers that can make a journey cost-effective.

Subscribe to Newsletter

On Turkish Airlines, you could render email subscription options. When you submit your email to the Airline, you can get a notification instantly, which may help to have a fare within a budget rate. 

Redeye flight

Turkish Airlines could serve at least 15 to 20 flights daily. If you are required to have one within a limited budget, choose an early morning or midnight flight. Many travelers do not prefer this duration for multiple reasons, which could be a reason for saving money on a flight.

How long is the flight to Antalya in Turkey? 

Antalya in Turkey is a renowned tourist place. It has flying routes across destinations, and Time is determined accordingly. An approximate time for traveling on a domestic flight could be between two to five hours, and an international maybe 12 hours.  

What terminal does Turkish Airlines use at Antalya Airport?

At Antalya Airport, you can find two different terminals. But when you are on a Turkish Airlines flight, it is likely to use terminal 1. However, the terminal information could be more solid and varied. So for confirmation, you can either check the flight status or reach out to the customer service team for a resolution.

Turkish Airlines direct flights Routes to Antalya from the UK

Turkish Airlines serve various destinations, and one of them is the United Kingdom. Further, the Airline flies from various cities in this region and of direct and stopovers. Thus, if you are looking for a Turkish airline's direct flights to Antalya, then have a glance at the bottom:-

Things to do in Antalya

When you want to explore Turkey, Antalya is a city to take advantage of. Antalya is mostly recognized as the “capital of Tourism '' because of its inhabitants' places and activities. Further, particular about what one can do there has been defined at the bottom.

Sail in the sea.

Antalya is a city situated on the seashore of the Mediterranean, which is why it is also called a “resort city” with an outskirt of beaches and hotels. You can book a boat to sail into the sea and explore its beauty there. Aside from this, you can deep dive and switch alongside the tortoise.

Visit the ancient city of Perge.

In earlier times, it was the capital of the Roman province, but now it is located in the Antalya province in the southwestern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The cultural heritage of those eras enriches this place. There you can observe the ancient theater, the stadium, Roman city gates, and many more.

Visit to Pamukkale

When you have an affection toward nature, you can plan a visit to Pamukkale. It is one of the perfectly crafted wonders of the world. It is mainly recognized as “the cotton castle” because it is a mountain completely dressed in white. It could be an amazing and relaxing experience for the eyes. 

Best Time to visit Antalya

When planning a trip to Antalya, visit at its best Time because you can explore its true beauty. This is why you can plan a trip from April to June, which is the spring season, and then you can perform an adventure completely. Further, this is one of the most favourable times for visiting this place, so you may find a flight ticket a bit expensive. However, you can avoid such phenomena by not getting in its festive Time and having an affordable booking, but you could be cast aside from exploring its true beauty.

Final words

The above titles might be sufficient to provide information about the Antalya flight with Turkey Airlines. Aside from this, you can also know the best Time and things to do in Antalya. If you need to know more about the flight details of Turkish Airlines than of stated information, then speak with its customer service team and have answers.

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