Delta Premium Economy Class: Seats with more Comfort

Premium economy, the cabin that sits between business and coach, is becoming increasingly common. Although these seats do not have a true lie-flat experience, they do draw the attention of passengers concerned about their comfort while traveling long distances over water.

Delta has introduced the best Premium Select offering to date with the launch of the Airbus A330-900neo, which joins cabins on the retrofitted Boeing 777, refurbished Boeing 767-400ER, and the aforementioned Airbus A350. The following are the top reasons why you should choose delta premium economy class cabin over Comfort+ or Main Cabin.

Delta Premium Select? It's a lot more Spacious

The sheer room is the most enticing incentive to spring for Premium Select — which is usually double the price of a delta premium economy flights. Premium economy or premium select seats on Delta's A330-900neo are 18.5 inches wider, have a 38-inch pitch, and a 7-inch recline, while Comfort+ and Main Cabin seats are 18 inches wide.
There's a huge twin armrest between all seats in Premium Select, with ample space for drinks as well as your weapons. With each passing hour, we discovered that elbow room was becoming increasingly valuable.

Delta Premium Economy class: Amenities and Other Services

Check-in and boarding for VIPs

Some of the perks that comes under the Premium Select ticket are also available to Delta Medallion members (Gold, Platinum, or Diamond). The following inclusions, on the other hand, become particularly useful to those who aren't Delta's elite. When deciding whether or not the upgrade price is justified, consider how important these are to you.

For the most part, Delta treats Premium Select like its own cabin. Although you'll still be required to use the economy section's restrooms,

The Food is Superior, as is the Service

Two flight attendants looked after the 28 Premium Select seats on the A339, including bottomless drink and snack refills. Since the service was so proactive, no passenger had to use their call button.

They served two full meals (dinner on the way out and breakfast on the way in) with an ice cream bar in between. These meals are not only of higher quality than those served in Comfort+ and Main Cabin, but they are also served with luxury flatware and genuine silverware. You'll be satisfied with both the meals.

It is more Suitable for Couples

Despite the fact that widebody Delta jets with 2-4-2 configurations are available in the economy, the dreaded 3-3-3 configuration is much more common. Provided the long distances that Delta's Premium Select cabins travel, the added privacy is worth considering.

If you're traveling with a baby in your arms, these seat pairs are a godsend. Carving out your own little cocoon and providing additional room for your toddler to stretch might mean the difference between a pleasant trip across the ocean and one you'd rather forget.

You Accumulate more Miles

Delta Premium Select fares are usually labeled P, A, or G. If that sounds confusing, keep in mind that Premium Select fares earn 150 percent MQM (Medallion Qualifying Miles), while Comfort+ and all Main Cabin tickets, with the exception of Y and B fares, earn 100 percent.

If you're aiming for Delta Medallion elite status, the 50% MQM bonus matters a lot.

Additional factors to remember about Delta Premium Economy

Although purchasing a Premium Select seat on a long-haul Delta flight might seem like a no-brainer for those with plenty of cash, there are a few details to consider before making the purchase.

The price - Delta Premium Select

Premium Select tickets are usually twice as expensive as economy tickets, and the price difference will broaden as a flight approaches. Premium boarding, superior food, and extra miles help offset some of the costs, but it's still more costly no matter how you slice it. You can skip Premium Select if you're a seasoned solo traveler or want to stretch your travel budget by flying more places with fewer luxuries.

Families that need to purchase several seats face a much greater financial strain. It all depends on the kind of traveler you are and the stage of life you are in.
Although one can always fly economy so you can make more trips a year, Premium Select is well designed to provide a convenient ride to far-flung destinations.

The space between Comfort+

Premium Select is without a doubt worth the extra cost over Main Cabin (standard economy). On a transcontinental flight, 31 inches of pitch isn't ideal. It's almost unbearable for adults to fly internationally for more than 8 hours.

If you're a Delta Medallion elite member who gets free Comfort+ as a perk of your ranking (rather than paying extra for regular Main Cabin if you're new to Delta), the decision to pay for Premium Select becomes much more difficult.

Advantages - Delta Premium Economy Class

Premium Select is at its best on the brand-new A330-900neo, which features water bottle holders and (most importantly) Aerofoam Industries memory foam padding. In reality, the A339's entire seating, from front to back, is made of memory foam, which greatly improved comfort and minimized fatigue during my test flight.

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