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Based in Connecticut, American Cruise Lines is a small ship cruise line that operates over ten small cruise ships across the Eastern and Western Seaboard along with the various river systems of the United States. So, for the travelers who are planning to book a cruise trip with American Cruise Lines, they can gather complete details provided in this article and plan out the trip accordingly.

How to confirm a booking with American Crusie Lines?

For the travelers who are wondering about the procedure to confirm American cruise lines booking here, are the detailed steps that one can follow to book reservations with American Cruise Lines:

  • To book a cruise reservation, one needs to visit the official website of American Cruise Lines.
  • Click on the reserve now option present on the homepage and proceed.
  • Now, select the number of guests for the cruise. For more than 2 guests, one needs to contact the cruise directly.
  • Then, pick a suitable cruise itinerary and provide the cruise date and departing port details.
  • After that, the traveler can mention their stateroom preferences and provide the details of those traveling.
  • And then, the traveler can pick the suitable payment option and confirm their cruise trip.

Thus, in this way, one can confirm American cruise lines reservations online. If required, one can seek assistance over a phone call or email to confirm the cruise trip.

What are the payment options offered by American Cruise Lines?

For the travelers who are planning to confirm American cruise lines reservations and wondering what are the payment options available for confirming the booking, then one can check out the details mentioned below.

1) Credit Card

The American Cruise Lines accepts credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others.

2) Prepaid and debit cards

For this payment service, the traveler needs to ensure that the particular card is ready for abroad use. Further, the amount debited from the card not used will be reimbursed in cash once the traveler contacts the reception area.

3) Cash payment

Lastly, the American Cruise Lines accepts cash payment for the booking.

How can one contact the travel expert at American Cruise Lines?

Besides, for the travelers who have queries regarding American cruise lines deals, and other policies of American Cruise Lines, they can seek help from the dedicated cruise specialist. So, for the travelers who have no clue regarding the contact info, they can check out the details discussed below.

1) Make a phone call

Whether one needs to book a new reservation or have queries regarding the existing reservation, the passenger can dial the customer service number to seek help from the cruise specialist and plan out their trip with American Cruise Lines accordingly.

2) Send an email

And for the travelers who have queries regarding a certain booking or have any complaints, they can make use of the official email id to contact the specialist and seek assistance regarding the same.

Cancellation guidelines of American Cruise Lines

For any reasons, if the traveler wishes to cancel their American cruise lines booking, here are cancellation rules that one needs to abide by that include:

  • American Cruise Lines offers a 24-hour cancellation provision that allows travelers to cancel the cruise within one day of the booking and claim a 100 percent refund.
  • Further, for the above condition, the cancellation request should be made within 24 hours of the initial payment or charges will apply.
  • Also, the cancellation request should be made via email.
  • And for the travelers who have opted for Cancel for any reason protection plan, they can claim a refund over the standard policy that one can check at the official website of the airline or by contacting the cruise specialist.

How much does the reservation with American Cruise Lines cost?

Currently, the American cruise lines booking starts from $2015 per person. And for the travelers who are wondering what does the cost per person includes, the fare comprises the cost of dining service, complimentary cocktail parties, snacks, and onboard entertainment services.

However, the fares do not include most of the shore tours or other port charges or fees. Also, the special offers may be offered for a limited time period on selected cruises. So, one can confirm the same details by reaching out to the cruise specialist.

What amenities are offered to those traveling with American Cruise Lines?

Once the traveler confirms American cruise lines reservations, they are offered access to the following amenities during their travel that includes:

  • Staterooms
  • Deck areas
  • Lounges
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Grand dining area
  • Elevator access to all decks
  • Breakfast room service
  • Complimentary cocktail hour
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Personalized hospitality services
  • Best cuisine

Common FAQs on American Cruise Lines

1) Is there any dress requirement for American Cruise Lines?

It is recommended to travelers to carry casual resort outfits both ashore and on the ship. For dinner, men can include a sports shirt and slacks along with a sweater and coat. However, in the case of women, they can find the right slack or sweater or a suitable dress. Moreover, travelers are suggested to carry comfortable shoes, a hat, and light rainwear.

2) Is elevator service offered onboard?

Yes, the travelers are offered elevator service on all American Cruise Lines ships.

3) What services are offered to solo travelers?

American Cruise Lines welcomes solo travelers and provides single-occupancy staterooms. However, a single person occupying a double stateroom is charged 150-175 percent of the double occupancy stateroom rate.

4) What is the smoking policy on the cruise?

Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas of the ship.

5) Are there any fitness equipment onboard?

Yes, American Cruise Lines offer travelers fitness equipment onboard.

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