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The month of July has a lot to come. In most parts of the country, summer is in full swing. Book your flights with flycoair to take advantage of exclusive July airfare offers. It's the perfect time to relax in city parks, visit seaside towns, and sunbathe at one of the world's many beaches. In the summer, you can even brave the frozen regions of Iceland, Greenland, and Russia.

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Are you all set to plan your July getaway? Flycoair has found some great July 4th offers as well as cheap flights to famous destinations around the world.

What are the best ways to find cheap flights in July?

  1. Take a chance. Instead of looking for a goal, look for a bargain.
  2. Make a living as a travel hacker. Travel early in the morning or late at night.
  3. Be an adventurer. Consider flying out of a different airport than your usual one.
  4. Be a savvy shopper. Long layovers can be used as a bonus destination.

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Other options for finding low-cost flights

Travel analysis and data will point you in the direction of the cheapest days to fly in July and help you figure out when plane tickets would be the cheapest. Setting up a free Flycoair Price Alert is the best way to keep track of price shifts.

Compare prices: Don't just buy a ticket because it's cheap! Go to an airfare comparison website to make sure you're getting the best price. Or maybe not. While looking for domestic fares in the United States, don't forget to search Southwest's website, as it's the only airline that doesn't share fare data with comparison sites.

Travel on less expensive routes: We all prefer nonstop flights because they are more convenient, but still compare fares for nonstops and connecting flights because routes with a stop can be up to 50% less expensive. Not always, but sometimes, so double-check.

The best places to visit in July

New York City:

Celebrate the Fourth of July in New York City! The Fourth of July fireworks show over the East River is a spectacular sight to behold. Attend a New York Yankees baseball game and Nathan's popular Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island while you're there.

Tanzania and Kenya:

are two African countries. Each year, the wildebeest migration can be seen in Tanzania's Serengeti ecosystem and Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve and is regarded as one of the world's most spectacular activities. The “big event” occurs in July, when the wildebeest come up against river crossings. Crocodiles of the Nile lie in wait to strike. Tanzania is where this happens. The closest airport, however, is in Nairobi, Kenya. 


Wimbledon will be the focus of Londoners and tennis fans from around the world for the first two weeks of July. This tennis tournament is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious tournaments. While in London, pay a visit to Buckingham Palace to wave to the Queen and then to Big Ben to see the city's most famous clock tower. 


With average daily temperatures of 25°C and little rain, Greece is a popular destination in July. The Greek island of Santorini is renowned for its beaches as well as its blue-domed churches. Eros Beach is a secluded spot known for the cliffs that drop dramatically onto its dark volcanic sandy and pebbly seashore. White Beach, on the southern tip, has a quiet cove that is ideal for swimming, while Eros Beach is a secluded spot known for the cliffs that drop dramatically onto its dark volcanic sandy and pebbly seashore. 

Aside from the Catacombs of Milos on the island of Milos, you can cool off underground in the Catacombs of Milos or hike the 16-kilometer Samariá Gorge in Samaria National Park on the island of Crete – start later in the day to avoid the sun. Explore the delights of the mainland, such as Meteora's spectacularly set monasteries, the ancient sites and breathtaking scenery of the Peloponnese peninsula, or the Pindus Mountains with its bears and wolves. 


Mexico's July temperatures, which hit a scorching 28°C, are ideal for sun worshippers. It cools off in the evenings, so you won't be hot all day. You would want to bring a light jacket and even a brolly just in case it rains a little in the summer. 

The Yucatán Peninsula's coast in Tulum and Cancun is home to some of Mexico's most well-known beaches and secret coves. Apart from catching a few rays for yourself, the warmth has other advantages: In Mexico, the month of July is the busiest for sea turtles.

Natural wonders to enjoy in the sun can be found even in the busiest towns, far from the beach. There are several nature reserves and national parks. 

Albania and Montenegro:

While much of Europe enjoys beautiful weather in July, it's also the month when the beaches are busiest and the cities are most crowded. 

Fortunately, even during peak season, it is possible to find a European hotspot that is significantly less crowded than the others: Albania and Montenegro are two Balkan countries. Both countries' temperatures soar to scorching levels of 30°C to 35°C.

Spend a day or two in Albania's capital, Tirana, for an unusual city break, and learn how the resort town of Strand is a dreamy mix of beaches, history, and hiking, and don't miss Muzin's Blue Eye natural spring.

Finding Cheap Flights in July with flycoair

Finding cheap flights in July is simple with flycoair In three simple measures, here's how to do it on your computer.

  1. Fill in your starting and ending points.
  2. Select "Whole Month" and then "July" for your departure and return dates.
  3. When you tap Search, flycoair displays prices by day so you can see which days are the cheapest to travel. 
  4. Set a price warning in flycoair. if you want to keep an eye on airfare for a few days. We'll send you an alert as soon as the price changes, so you can take advantage of the best July flight offers.
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