Will United Airlines hold a reservation

How to put United flights on hold using Pay later with Farelock?

Having the questions that will united airlines hold a reservation? or not well don't worry about that just go through this article and you will know the answer to can you hold a flight at united airlines itself.

What is Farelock?

Farelock is one of the best ways to save your cost and efforts at the same time in a peaceful manner. Farelock allows you to hold your reserved fare that you can complete after or whenever you want as you would not be required to worry about the price of your ticket that it would go up and airlines would not sell it and you can take your full time to purchase it. You can avail of Farelock only through the official united website, the United app, and the reservations center. You can hold reservations at United Airlines with Farelock up to 14 days from the scheduled departure of your flight and your price will be the same during this time period until you would not decide to complete the holding purchase.

Terms and Conditions

  • Farelock is only available for those who made reservations through united.com, the United app, or the customer contact center.
  • Farelock is available for the flights operated by United and United Express and the charge will be subjected to the per reservation.
  • The service charges of Farelock are non-refundable that are not applied toward the cost of the ticket.
  • Farelock is not available all the time as it is subjected to availability.
  • Customers who hold a reserved fare with Farelock can simply complete the transaction on United.com or via the United customer contact center as per their preferred time before the ending period of Farelock.
  • Reservations that are held with Farelock can be changed or refunded as per the United’s 24-hour flexible booking policy.

What is the benefit of the Farelock service?

There are lots of benefits of Farelock service but the main benefit is that you can simply hold your reservations and price at the same time up to 14 days from the scheduled departure of the flight. This service helps you to make your travel plan without worry about ticket selling or price increases.

What do if I no longer want my Farelock reservation?

If your plan suddenly changed or you don’t want to travel and cancel your flight, then you can simply do that through the Manage Reservations at the official website of United Airlines before the Farelock period ends. You can also use the United App to cancel the flight under the Reservations section. You can enter the last name and booking number into the given field, and then click on the Cancel Reservation option to cancel the flight in a very simple manner.

What is the automatic purchase option?

One can choose their reservations automatically at the ending time-period of Farelock. If you have selected this option, then your ticket purchase will be processed automatically with the same credit card you used to pay the service charge of Farelock. You can also select this option when making your Farelock reservation. In case your plan changes after the automatic purchase, then you have the additional 24 hours from the time of purchasing to receive a full refund on the ticket that subjected to the 24 hours flexible booking policy.

How can I hold an itinerary using Farelock?

You can simply purchase Farelock when booking a flight online if it is available. In the Purchase Options section under the Review Trip Itinerary page after selecting the flight.  When you book your flight through the United app, you can easily purchase Farelock after choosing your flight if available.

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